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21 Nisan: Gigi New York'ta görüntülendi. / 21st April: Gigi out and about in New York. / #gigihadid #hadidgigi #weareturksandweloveangel #turkishgiforce gigihadid

16 0 Apr 22, 2018

Happiest birthday to one of my favorite persons, to my beautiful queen, my favorite angel. You're one of the funniest persons I know and you're not like the rest of angels or models, you're so creative, you really like your job and still do the things you always like and don't forget where you came. You're one of the best models right now, and so soon you'll be the person with the most vogue covers 💙💙 HAPPIEST 23th BIRTHDAY JELENA 😍💙 gigihadid shaymitchell

29 2 Apr 23, 2018

Ton France'nin Instagram hikâyesinden. / Gigi via Ton France’s Instagram stories. / #gigihadid #hadidgigi #weareturksandweloveangel #turkishgiforce gigihadid

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