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Saturday’s are for the team! 💥 ••• #TEAM #RCF1 #CrossfitGames #HamPlan #Reebok ••• rachelsimone320 kassandraaveni ashleighwosny conortmurphy crossfitgames hamplan

95 0 Feb 17, 2018

At the HAM Plan, we “Suffer On Saturday”, but we don’t do it alone, grab your buddy’s and crush today’s WOD! — "Suffer On Saturday” Partnered: Run 1200m (in 400m intervals) Row 100/70 cals Run 800m (in 200m intervals) Bike 60/45 cals Run 400m (in 100m intervals) 200 Double-Unders (each person completes 200 - one person moving at a time) — #hamplan

268 3 Feb 17, 2018

You don't have to be fit to start CrossFit. #truestory #weallstartsomewhere Lyra is nothing short of amazing. She wasn't an athlete growing up. A busy mom of five, she joined CrossFit to get in shape after the birth of her youngest. Early on, she realized she really liked burpees. Like, a lot. And she also really liked learning new skills, competing and - most of all - pushing herself to excel. Five years later, as her littlest dude started kindergarten, Lyra took the plunge and opened up her own gym with her husband and friends. What started out as wanting to get in shape, has become something immeasurably more life changing. And through her gym, she gets to help others do the same. lyrabugyi #CrossFitIronSociety #CrossFit #yqr #yqrfitness #hamplan #affiliateham #tryit #youmightlikeit #burpeeschangelives

107 30 Feb 14, 2018

We through this challenge out a few months ago... Did you complete it, is it time to give it another shot? — Way to get after it ck.burton and crunchbars98 !! “Hot yoga this morning followed by the pain train with crunchbars98 who talked me into doing a hamplan workout. EMOM increasing 1 cal per round starting at 10 finishing at 20 or failure: 1. Ski erg 2. Row 3. Assault bike 4. Rest . I scaled it and did 10 cals each minute but Ben went for broke and decided to give the real version a try. I completed as many rounds as I could until failure on the bike because I knew I could get the cals on the ski erg and rower. Finally hit failure in round 9 after originally saying I was only going to do 5 rounds total 🤦🏼‍♀️. Isn’t it funny when you get halfway through a workout and decide to do more?!” — #hamplan

53 0 Feb 15, 2018

Affiliate HAM in full effect at crossfitbicocca !!! — Never let your members miss out on high skill, complex or "hard" movements or workouts - we help with scaling, implementation and execution! — Sign up today or emails us (thehamplan for more info and sample of what the Affiliate program can do for you and your affiliate! — Here’s a Spicy workout from our Affiliate Program! For Time: 50 alt DB snatch (50/35) 1K Row 75 Wall Ball (20/14) 1K Row 50 Burpees 1K Row — #hamplan 🤳 giorgiadonato73

83 0 Feb 16, 2018

Another year, another open. Excited to go through these 5 weeks with my crossfitironsociety family and continue to test my limits. First year in the masters division and really looking forward to the new challenge. #crossfit #crossfitgames #crossfitironsociety #hamplan #ironforged

41 3 Feb 12, 2018

Little game play before the workout crossfitironsociety #hamplan

34 2 Feb 14, 2018

The HAM Plan is for anyone and everyone! Grab a barbell and and group of likeminded individuals who push you to work hard and have fun! — The HAM Plan offers multiple programs designed to fit your needs. Whether you are training like a professional athlete, looking to improve your fitness, or programming for an affiliate – we have a solution for you. The HAM Plan is a growing community of like-minded people… we have fun, we train hard, and we achieve our goals. Click link in bio and come join Team HAM! — #hamplan 🤳 m_garduno

63 1 Feb 13, 2018

This year’s CrossFit Open brings a new twist for me. A Mano y Mano battle between beedeebee8 and myself, with bragging and rights (and some possible humiliation) on the line. Stay tuned. Swipe left for what the aftermath of 18.1 will likely be. #crossfit #open2018 #crossfitopen #compete #challenge #friends #friendlywager #gentlemansagreement #trashtalk #win #lose #cry #fit #fitness #fitfam #fitnessmotivation #mortalkombat #fatality #boxlife #crossfitgames #ornot #hamplan hamplan crossfit crossfitgames crossfitironsociety

81 1 Feb 16, 2018

Pic 1. Me trying to see if terzo88 is serious about challenging me in the 2018 open. Pic 2. Darryn realizing there will most likely be a barbell heavier than 95lbs involved. Pic 3. The dirtiest bulk I've ever witnessed..... Pic 4. What we can all expect a few minutes into 18.1 #crossfit #crossfitgames #open2018 #allinfun #trashtalk #friends #brotherhood #easymoney #ironforged #hamplan #intheopen crossfitironsociety crossfitgames hamplan crossfitv

44 11 Feb 16, 2018

Starting next weekend, join us Friday nights at 6:30pm to test your fitness in the CrossFit Games Open. Cheer each other on, and experience the absolute best that is CrossFit - and that is being part of a great community! If you are signed up at, your attendance won't count as a class for members, and drop in fees are half price for non-members. Workouts are scalable for all levels of fitness. Judges will be available to officially score your workout. #CFISdoesTheOpen #intheopen #CrossFitOpen #CrossFitIronSociety #CrossFit #yqr #yqrfitness #hamplan #affiliateham

65 7 Feb 17, 2018

the three stages of yesterday’s WOD: 1. this is so much fun! 2. oh right, take it seriously. 3. what rep are we on? lindziah hamplan #overheadsquats #muscleups #pushpress #howmanyrounds #cfcm #hamplan

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