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The old #hannie is gone but the other #hannie isn’t! annieleblanc hayley.leblanc #bratayleyedits #bratayley #hoteldeloone #famousbirthdays famousbirthdays

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Chapter 23 - We left for a reason (T POV) I left to hang out with my friends this morning so we went to this really private beach that only we know about. Mads, Indi and I caught the bus today to the beach where it was insanely beautiful. The sights of the beach just looked perfect with candles and everything essential for the perfect picnic, which is what we did. We ate, had fun, took pics for the gram and swam in the small waters. But then each of the boys had questions for us...... (I'm changing the boys names Rush - Matt and Greg - Caden) Matt : Indiana Marie Ella Massara, would you make me the happiest boy to ever live on planet Earth by being my one and only girl? Indi : I Love You Matt! Of course I would! Yaaaas! Caden : Well, then, Madison Lewis from the moment I met your eyes I got the hugest crush and being your best friend has been amazing but I want us to be more and if you truly say yes to becoming my woman you can make me the happiest MAN to ever wlak on land! Mads : Me too Caden! I've lived you from the start and would love to be the happiest MAN and WOMAN! Logan : Well now, it's just you Taylor! And me! But please can that change?! With the truth about my love for you, Taylor Grace Will you be my girlfriend? T : I-I-I..... (T POV) Just like that I took my bag and ran out to the bus station. I got on the bus and just sat there, What have I done? What if our friendship group divides? How will it be around Logan? I just can't stand the pressure! I started walking home and just with my luck, it started to rain...I guess the world really hates me, as I unlocked my door, the heavy rain started to fade. I really was right. I tool a shower then just plopped on my bed. (A POV) I got home to find the floor soaked in rainwater from Taylor's shoes, it made a muddy mess, I we t up to ask Taylor to clean it up but she was sound asleep in her bed. I lightly shook her awake till her eyes opened T : mum.... A : Taylor honey! Wake up! T : Logan..... A : What is it? T : He asked me to be his Girlfriend, Matt asked Indi and Caden asked Mads.... A : Honey..? You Love him, don't you? What did you say? T : They all said Yes but I just left ⬇️MIC⬇️

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Og Hannie is iconic and I miss it

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kRistEn i-

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