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I found this book very meaningful and engaging. I did my usual skip around chapters. Read the end first and so on. Just started reading it a second time from the beginning to the end. If you are into the healing arts- Check this book out Althea Hawk describes her healing journey and it’s connection with science and consciousness. You will discover that DNA is both quantum-energetic and biological-chemical, Hawk explains how your environment and your consciousness influence your quantum DNA, which in turn interacts with your biological DNA. If you are like me, I look for a balance of seeing things for their surface value yet zeroing in on a microscopic view. As Wayne Dyer said “I can see clearly now” #dna #healing #consciousness #quantumenergyhealing #bookreader #healthyself #goodvibes

1 0 May 24, 2018

Turmeric-Ginger Serum// . Oh yes a wee little bottle of magic to relieve sinus symptoms and relax the nerves. (God knows I need it this week 🤦🏼‍♀️) Warning: She’s got spice and need only consume little sips periodically throughout the day when dealing with congestion, cough, sore throat, cold/flu and/or sinus problems. The serum will act as an expectorant and help speed up the healing process. . Quick shout out to say that I’m L O V I N G the #medicalmedium LIFE-CHANGING foods book and can’t seem to put it down! I have searched so long for something like this. Feels like the Devine Truth and Guidance I’ve been asking for 🙏 . Recipe: Juice equal parts fresh ginger and turmeric. Done! . Let’s see how we go with this over the next 24! . . . #chronicsinusitis #cancerwarrior #healthyself #herbalmedicine #naturesgarden #wellnesswarrior #foodisthymedicine #coldandflu #changeofseasons #cleaneating #naturalmedicine #naturalhealing #breastcancer #magic #elixir

8 2 May 24, 2018

😖😞😦😶😐😬🙄😏😀🤣 * * EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING Is Equally Important as ones physically well-being 👑 Taking control and responsibility for changing your attitude and beliefs about others and ones self, can empower am individual to take more control over his/her personal health and those factors that can either contribute to or diminish health and well-being * * #CrownMe #CrownOfGlory #GetCROWNED #TempleHealthConsultant #QueenE #HerbalHealing #HolisticHealing #HealThySelf #HolisticWellness #HerbsHeal #MentalHealthMatters #ThereIsAnHerbForThat #WeAreWhatWeEat #Eat2Live #wnhe

7 0 May 24, 2018

Global bitters is an ancient remedy that our ancestors used to use to treat asthma bronchitis pneumonia and other respiratory issues. Our bitters contain oxygen that is carried by magnesium. The oxygen that's in the bitters is stable oxygen. Stable oxygen gently softens unwanted build up in the digestive tract while providing beneficial oxygen to the digestive system . Our bitters contains yellow dock. Yellow dock is high in iron. Also it is great for cleansing the kidneys and the liver and it's a blood cleanser. Our bitters have burdock root, burdock root is high in iron and it's also great for cleansing the liver and the kidneys and help reverse Acne. Our Global bitters contains shilajit which contains fulvic acid, fulvic acid contains over 70 Plus organic ionic minerals. shilajit also contains humic acid.Humic acid is known for fighting most deadly viruses and help reverse infections.Shilajit also remove heavy metals from the body safely. Global bitters also balance an unhealthy gut. Having a bad gut or unhealthy gut can lead to anxiety, depression, mental fog, tiredness, lack of sleep, and a weak immune system . When you have a healthy gut it will strengthen your immune system did you ever hear the term your immune system is located in your gut ? Global bitters also contains Ginger which is great for circulation. Ginger also get rid of parasites and worms. Ginger is great for decreasing mucus in the body . Global bitters contains tumeric and the reason we chose tumeric is because tumeric have cox-1 and cox-2 inhibitor which is an enzyme that decrease inflammation in the body. Turmeric is known for reversing tumors, cysts, boils. Global bitters is an ultimate body cleanse that eliminates parasites and worms from the body. We use clove because clove helps penetrate and destroy parasite eggs while the wormwood and the black walnut will kill the parasites and the worms along with all these other amazing Barks, roots and plants. Global bitters will restore your health, rejuvenate you, and have you feeling young and Youthful ....

17 2 May 24, 2018

These past few weeks with my moms health have been a whirlwind 🤪🤪🤪. I didn’t feel an abundance of stress, yes I felt stressed, but not to the degree that manifested itself within. And come to find out this was just the icing on the cake after years of internalizing shit. . . I’m a coper. I deal with the bullshit of life head on, figure out what needs to be done and proceed. BUT I don’t take the time to PROCESS things. And now my system is forcing me to have some much needed downtime. Adrenal insufficiency is something I had heard of here and there but never really took the time to educate myself on the condition.... Until now. . . Stress and more specifically cortisol can wreak havoc and tax out our systems even if we don’t FEEL overly stressed. . . So learn to be present and process life not just deal with it 💕💕💕

4 3 May 24, 2018

Get in the game become a #GOALDIGGER #Impactcpr #healthyheart #healTHYself #gogetter

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Add this to your list of MUST HAVES for your #girlsquad! . . Want your very own unique and personal pure fume fragrance? This gorgeous oil blend works with your personal chemistry to make Your very own scent! . . Retail —-> $56 Wholesale—-> $41.50 . . Want to start your own wholesale account for just $35 and get 25% off for a whole year?! Comment below or send me a message! Or better yet come and visit me at the everywomanexpo June 15th-17th at stall c07 ask for Kitty and join the #girlsquad! . . #essentialoil #doterra #oillife #fifolife #fifowife #emotionalsupport #fifosupport #doterramama #doterradad #doterrafamily #ohana #reiki #HealThySelf #welloiledsouls #girlsquad #westoz #perthisok #workshopsbykitty

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DO YOU KNOW WHAT LOSING “JUST 10 POUNDS” CAN DO FOR YOU⁉️ 🔹 Decrease your risk of a heart ❤️ attack by 50% 🔹 Decrease your cholesterol without taking prescription drugs that have unwanted side effects such as muscle and joint pain 💥 🔹 Decrease your odds of cancer especially breast cancer 💓 🔹Decrease your A1C and blood sugar levels, and help prevent diabetes OR help you get off your current medications 🔹 Improve your SEX life ~ did you realize that your blood pressure and blood sugar impact this area of your life 🤔 Not to mention that when you lose just 🔟 lbs you gain confidence in your body image 😉 🔹Avoid sleep apnea ~ extra weight narrows your wind pipe so losing just 🔟 lbs is a simple cure 😴 🔹 Decrease your Blood Pressure ~ gaining the energy to walk 3️⃣ times a week can naturally decrease your blood pressure ❤️ 🔹 Increase your LIFESPAN ~ Medical Data shows that weighing a 3rd more than your optimal weight can shorten your lifespan an average of 3 years‼️ 😳Severe obesity can shorten YOUR LIFESPAN by an average of 🔟 years so that’s the same that is predicted for smoking a pack of cigarettes a day‼️‼️ 🌟 WEIGHT DOES MATTER 🌟 STOP 🛑 WAITING AND GET STARTED TODAY I am here to help you ....... We are better together 👭👫 Message me and ask how I can help 🤝 get you started! #healthcoachjennburman #HealThySelf #healthyself #blessedlife #healthygoals2018 #healthcoachlife #letmehelpyousucceed #startyourhealthjourneytoday #healthylivingdaily #healthydoesnthavetobeboring #whatthemindbelievesthebodycanachieve

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YES! 💜 You read those figures correctly!! They are the average monthly figures that you could be earning! How far YOU take your business is completely up to YOU but with these figures wouldn’t you want to put your all into it?! . Interested? . . This is NOT a ‘get rich quick’ scheme, it is not about recruiting other people to do all the work for you, it is about creating a sustainable business that impacts lives worldwide! This is my joy and passion and I’m blessed to be able to earn an income as well as spreading love joy and OILS!!! . . Want to learn more about how you can build your own wellness business sharing the joy of essential oils? Come and have a chat to me, Kitty, at the EveryWoman Expo in June or comment below, send me a message and let’s talk about how you can create an abundant future with dōTERRA! . . #essentialoil #doterra #oillife #fifolife #fifowife #emotionalsupport #fifosupport #doterramama #doterradad #doterrafamily #ohana #reiki #HealThySelf #welloiledsouls #girlsquad #westoz #perthisok #workshopsbykitty

3 0 May 24, 2018

I was at a meeting where quotes were passed around randomly. Mine was: “God is God, and I’m not”. In an instant, I thought of my family member, “J”. I then thought, and “J. is J. and I’m not.” Of course we are not the same! We each have our own identity our own needs our own way of thinking & being. That moment years ago, was the beginning of my awareness that assuming others think the same as ourselves is not reality, and it comes at the cost of knowing others as they are. And don’t we all long to be truly known and loved for who we are?🌻 #seeandbeseen #reallove #12StepWisdom #realitytherapy #lovewhatis #middlewayministries #pamwchaney #cle #sheinthecle #breatheinpeace #gratitudedaily #itsallgood #beherenow #beginagain #unconditionalpositiveregard #loveismypurpose #livenow #lovenow #feedjoy #feedrecovery #starveaddiction #welcometomypractice #shakerheights #neohio #Nashville #recovery #emotionalsobriety #healthyself #healthymindhealthybody #recoveringfromdepression

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