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“I've always been interested in learning about other religions and culture. I constantly find myself at interfaith events to gain more knowledge through others. It is so important that we all work together to build stronger communities and create religious tolerance. I've learned that the root of the monotheistic religions is the same, the flowers or religions that sprout from it are unique, but that is what makes our country and world so colorful. In today's critical times we all need to come together to develop our community garden. Culture and religion are so beautiful and without it this land would just be grassy fields” (Fort Lauderdale, Florida).

149 13 Nov 10, 2017

“I've always had trouble answering the question 'Who am I?' Unsure of my parents expectations, my peers perceptions and dealing with my own self conscious. I think recently through my family, my community and Kanye West, I'm beginning to learn how to answer that question and be proud of myself. My name is Miraj and I'm a first generation Bengali American Muslim, with a loud a** voice, a biodata that makes aunties scream, and a bunch of dreams that will be achieved” (Fort Lauderdale, Florida).

143 8 Nov 13, 2017

Congrats to ibtihajmuhammad for breaking barriers and showcasing that representation matters🙌🏽 This Olympic medalist will have her doll available for young girls everywhere in 2018🎀

46 1 Nov 15, 2017

“"You're so brave" "You're my role model" "How are you always so happy???" "I want to be like you" - The truth is, nobody has it all together. The people that you look at and admire because you think they're so "perfect," honestly have tons of problems that they conceal from the rest of the world. It's so important to protect yourself. Protect your mind and heart from those who want nothing good for you. - Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the beauty that you see in others is a reflection of the beauty that is inside of you. Don't focus on what others are up to and beat yourself up about what you are or what you're not. Everyone is fighting their own battles with their own souls. None of us have the same path. But hey, Alhamdulillah – we're all here. SubhanAllah – we're all trying. And InshaAllah – I pray we all reunite in Jannah someday. Ameen.” (Fort Lauderdale, Florida). — also follow her dope page catsonprayermats

222 58 Nov 11, 2017

I've always loved DC because the city itself has so much to offer and is absolutely beautiful. These last few visits, however, blessed me with incredible friendships that makes me love this place more than ever before. ❤️ #hadmeathello #DC #easternmarket #illmuslims #lepainquotidien

44 4 Nov 8, 2017

There is more God in you than you in yourself. 📷 kap.9

189 16 Nov 11, 2017

Atlanta // Dec 2 // kick it with the lovely saadiyajamil and build creative community at home. Tickets at #illmuslims

124 2 Nov 16, 2017

Sometimes what I have in mind doesn't always agree with the canvas, so for this particular piece, I sketched with black and silver and now thinking of using Plaster to give the subject a relief look. After the plaster dries, thinking of touching up with colors (Brown, black, off white). Stay tuned to see the final product! #calligraphyoncanvas #abstractart #artistofistagram #illmuslims #artistsofhyderabad #beauty #blessed #muslimsmeet #followme #hyderabaddiaries #hydrabadiprincess #calligrapher #arabic #muslimsoftheworld1 #happiness #Hyderabadi #paintingstudio #paintbrush #paintings #hyderabaddiaries #Hyderabad essra_burg #arabiccalligraphy #discover_colors

76 1 Nov 9, 2017

When Mattel gets it right and your homie ibtihajmuhammad is the next Barbie. Go show her some love. #barbie #ibtihajmuhammad #thisisill #nowyouseeus #illmuslims

1212 6 Nov 14, 2017

🔥💪 OHP like a Bosss 💪🔥 ackmetishyper yazfitpt #YAZFit - This is how you spend your getaway weekend with bae! Lifting heavy and exploring the city 💪🌃 - 🎥: yazfitpt - #swolemates #bae #coupleswholifttogether

160 8 Nov 14, 2017

“Have people ever asked you, ‘Why do you care so much?’ After being asked this question a countless number of times, I too started to wonder why i committed myself so wholeheartedly into each endeavor. Was it worth it? Would I even be appreciated? I’d started to feel unmotivated, and began to wonder who i was at my core. — Maybe i was just deflecting some deep rooted character flaw by throwing myself into everything i do with no inhibitions. It took a while, and a lot of self reflection, but i realized that it was my little efforts, the time it took to prepare, each rough draft that i scrapped, and every intricate layer of work i created, that ultimately shaped who I am. No one should perceive their drive and empathy as negative things. Your life and your legacy is your own work of art, and you are the artist. Not only is it okay to care about the little things, it is essential” (Fort Lauderdale, Florida).

172 14 Nov 15, 2017

“What we face in the future may look overwhelming. But from what I’ve learned from the trials and tribulations in my past is that we are always stronger than we know” (Fort Lauderdale, Florida).

141 14 Nov 9, 2017

Photo of Moroccan-American singer Abir abir by photographer Cheril Sanchez dulcinea__

418 6 Nov 17, 2017

Abir abir by Unit 4 unit_4

727 10 Nov 17, 2017

“I came into this community thinking that everyone is really cool and that all Muslims are accepting. I’m Shia and I didn’t think that would be a problem. Yet, Shias are discriminated against. My best friend’s dad won’t let me pray with them because he believes that will mess up the blessings of their prayer” (Fort Lauderdale, Florida).

159 5 Nov 12, 2017

Atlanta, we’re excited to back for our rescheduled date (Dec 2). Shoutout to host atlantafashionicon for holding it down. Tickets at (link in bio) #illmuslims

130 10 Nov 14, 2017

Photo of Moroccan-American singer Abir abir for clothing brand Baja Beast bajaeast Abir was recently featured on Macklemore's macklemore song Zara. If you haven't heard this upcoming singers amazing voice, you can check it out through the link in her bio.

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