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Official Grandaddy!!! Say hello to Fiona and her proud papa (and number 1 son-in-law tabork1) #generations #imtooyoungforthisish

34 0 Jul 26, 2017

So I thought I drove all the way to Pedro to avoid this...I thought wrong😩 At least I have my "happy tea" while I'm waiting! 😏😉👌👍 #DMV #SanPedro #longline #mybackhurts #imtooyoungforthisish #herbalife #herbalteaconcentrate #happyteaakamollywater lol

22 1 Apr 8, 2013

It's the little things that mean the most❤️😂 #allinmyfeelings #shesgunnabe6 #hesgunnabe2 #stahhhpppitttt #imtooyoungforthisish

17 1 Feb 13, 2016

Quality time with my babes!!! Love them. Still not use 2 being called Auntie #ItScaresMe #ImTooYoungForThisIsh

14 1 Nov 6, 2013

Just pulled out my first gray hair 😳 #thankyoufirstweekofpreschool #imtooyoungforthisish

42 9 Aug 31, 2013

Happy 19th Birthday to my first born! You became my saving grace, my best friend and every parents dream. Your heart and personality are one the best. I always knew you'd be that boy that everyone loved. From the moment you were born you made so many lives better and something much more to live for. I love you Andrew! I think I'll start saying you are my brother as of today 😂 #imtooyoungforthisish

48 3 Nov 11, 2016

Gurdy has a problem with anyone that wants to touch Codi's pregnant belly #guarddogproblems #grandbaby2cookin #imtooyoungforthisish

5 0 Dec 18, 2014

Dinner with these crazy kids! # timeslowdown #imtooyoungforthisish #imbroke #waitingfordessert

72 2 Nov 9, 2017

I had these bad boys on while I was getting dressed for work an by the time I hit the car my flats was lmbo.. Platforms wasn't doin for me today I'm so used to flats now smh.. #ImTooYoungForThisIsh in my Danny Glover voice lol

15 2 Jan 25, 2014

What the heck! First grays. I quit this day. Thanks, 0rnamental !

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