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Occultism, Astral World, OBE. Deep Meditation Training! Join the revolution! ✨💕✨ . . . . . . . . . #occult #scientist #hermeticism #science #magic #natural #laws #astralprojection #initiation #stepbystep #nobulshit #consciousness #power #mind #gymnastics #welovemagic #osirisrevolution

150 1 Nov 21, 2017

Les étudiants infirmiers sont de sortie cirque🤸🏻‍♀️✌🏻 #Cirque #Bourges #LeNezDansLesEtoiles #EcoleDeCirque #EtudianteInfirmiere #Initiation

35 0 Nov 21, 2017

Learn to grasp the teaching correctly, and see it for what it is. Some of it is written for a distant time, and the true significance of this Treatise on the Seven Rays will begin to emerge as part of the general knowledge of humanity only towards the close of this century, unless the imminent outpouring evokes greater change than is now deemed possible by the watching Hierarchy. Some of the teaching is of immediate usefulness to all of you. Some of it will throw light upon the problems of modern psychology, and link the many aspects of the science of the soul. Disciples grow these days by finding out the reservoir of their soul's nourishment; they will discover that the source of their strength is to be found in group teaching and in group endeavor. We are training men to live as souls and not as children to be nursed and cared for in a protected nursery run by rules and orders. As souls, men derive their life from the ocean of the universal, and not from the tiny well of the particular. Carrying their little pitchers, they find their way to that ocean, and for themselves they draw into that receptacle that which they need. In the light of your own intuition and illumined mind (developed and brought to usefulness through meditation) take that aspect of the teaching which suits and aids you, and interpret it in the light of your own need and growth. - Esoteric Psychology I

16 3 Nov 21, 2017

🍦Initiation ice cream rolls🍦 2k18 Recette naturelle et technique à la plancha froide. Lieu : France, #Gard 🇫🇷 Unique en France !🌍 Vous hésitez à vous lancer car pas de recette, ni la technique pour vous décidez ?🤔 ➡️ Nous sommes là pour vous aider ! La ice cream rolls n'aura plus de secret pour vous!😉💡 Machine disponible sur demande. Plusieurs modèles sont proposés par un vendeur français.🇫🇷 Le prix est par PERSONNE.👤 Max 4 personnes par séance Déplacement ou sur place en laboratoire. Jusqu'au 29 avril 2018.📅 ON PARTAGE L'INFO #glacealaplancha #icecreamrolls #icepan #ice #fruits #biscuits #initiation #groupe #solo #duo #recettemaison #sansoeufs #2018 #aide #France #glace #cremeglacee #lancement #metier #glacier #glacerie #gourmandise #frais #qualité #savoirfaire #lovemyjob

27 0 Nov 21, 2017

S O O N C’est dimanche 26/11!!! #workshop #kizomba #initiation #fronton #dance #latino Pensez à vous inscrire 👇🏼 👇🏼 Ou pendant les cours.

9 0 Nov 21, 2017

This past Sunday we initiated our newest pledge class into Phi Mu. It is always so special to see them become an official sister and I can’t wait to see the amazing things these girls do in our chapter💖

25 1 Nov 21, 2017

🌄🌞ACTIVATION🌞🌄 18x24inch bristol board poster made by hand with sharpies. ✍🏼Official release of my new favorite design. This one takes some explaining =====•••••••===== I began this piece in the first week of this month. I had suddenly been smacked with a strong vision of the Great Pyramids in Egypt. What i saw was pretty much what you see in the poster. While drawing this i decided to do some more research on the Pyramids (i usually do a good amount of studying for stuff like this) and was shocked and excited to hear that a new discovery was made involving the Great Pyramid. Keep in mind nothing major has been found involving the inside structure of the pyramid in a minute. This is big deal type shit. An international team led by Kunihiro Morishima at Nagoya University in Japan used muon radiography (sorta like x-rays) to discover a new chamber above the Grand Gallery of the Great Pyramid. Most media sources are calling it a "void" in efforts to downplay it, which is how the pyramids are usually handled lol. Also: if you still go by the tomb theory, or pretty much anything you would have learned in public school——> you been played. Go back and look again. The pyramids (the world over) stand as a symbol of human mystery and wonder. They are not trivial or understood. We still dont know shit. The human story is ever unfolding as we learn more and more about ourselves. =====•••••••===== More info can be found all over the good ol internet. Nat Geo is covering it as well if that makes u more comfortable lol. I will be releasing a SMALL number of LIMITED EDITION prints of this poster: only 32 will be available. Because of the small number available and anticipated demand i will be running a pre-sale of the prints tomorrow for those who are serious about getting the design. The original will then be colored and made unique and sold to a lucky sob. Much love yall. Safe Travels 🖖🏻. Hmu if you wanna babble about pyramid stuff. #greatpyramids #giza #ancientegypt #ancientfuture #alchemy #mystery #wonder #gnosis #activation #sacredgeometry #blackwork #inkdrawing #blxckink #blxckmandalas #mandalas #zenart #meditation #geometricdesign #thirdeye #headyart

155 21 Nov 21, 2017

Workshop GNAWA 25.11.17 la.parallele #gnawa #discover #initiation #gembri #musicanddance nabil_sansi

8 0 Nov 21, 2017

I WANNA BE A PSI U SO BAD SIR! #initiation

28 0 Nov 21, 2017

#initiation #halterophilie #formation #bestrong #hardtraining #onlacherien 👍👍💪💪🏃🏻🏃🏻🏋🏻🏋🏻👌👌

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