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Another special SNEAK PEEK 👀! Create some magic with our brand new Transfer Magic 💫activity sets, launching this weekend reedgiftfairs. Available in two fun designs, kids use their imagination to create their own creative combinations. Transfer Magic 💫 is a super easy crafting activity that you can take anywhere, because there is no mess. Simply select a transfer sheet, remove the backing paper, position the selected image, face down on the background card and rub it using the pencil included. DANCE CONCERT 💃🏼 - It’s backstage at the end of year performance and you are the costume designer. You get to choose all the beautiful outfits for your little dancers. Tutus 👗and tiaras👑, sailor suits ⚓️and captain’s hats👮🏽‍♂️, or any combination you like. Each character is just a simple scribble away. CREATE A CAR 🏎🚙 is all about designing your own custom car using the most rad collection of pin-striping, flame paint🔥 and after-market exhaust transfers, ever. Simply select a car and modify it, your way. Mag wheels, lightening bolts ⚡️and hot-rod helmets are just some of the ‘bling’ options available.

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This is how I saw breastfeeding, passed down from generation to generation. ♡ Custom dolls created to accompany Dana Ganja's delicate book on breastfeeding. #romania #doartitiramanemica . . . . #breastfeeding #newmom #youngmom #play #instatoys #delicate #russiandoll #painteddoll #pegdolls #customdoll #originalcreation #ooak #madeinro #custompainting

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