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Il borgo vecchio di Termoli che si specchia nel mare del porto in una tersa giornata di primavera. ______________________________ Termoli's old town reflecting itself in the sea of the harbour in a terse spring day. ______________________________ Author: teonorelli Location: Termoli, Molise, Italy Date: April 23, 2018 ______________________________ Hashtag: #excursio_molise _____________________________ Ogni venerdì ci sarà un post speciale dedicato al Molise. There will be a special post about Molise on Fridays. ______________________________ Segui sara.pasciullo per le tradizioni culinarie molisane e per ricette con prodotti molisani a km0. Follow sara.pasciullo for Molise’s traditional cuisine and for recipes with local Molise’s products. _____________________________ If you want to contact us for further info about Molise, our projects, partnerships: info ______________________________

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#Wedding #Italien X #Marocain #Paris

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URLAUB! #nahamwasser #italien #grandios

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A night at the beach. (2015) #italy #italia #italien

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