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Well this adventure to date has definitely had its shares of ups and downs! Between wrong turns (resulting in a huge climb up and over steep and snowy Mount Hood), lack of planning (searching for RV sites in the pitch black in the wee hours) and totally underestimating how much gas it was going to take to get us to the sun, we are still standing strong. Being rescued by our amazing parents (man I️ better pay it forward to Jude in the future) at the exact right moment allowed us to ground ourselves, regroup, rethink and then plan our next moves. Since then even smashing our storage box off the back of Yama after hitting a parking meter in Santa Cruz, having our head light go out in the darkness of Napa Valley, and having our huge Yawning fly open on the Highway to Marine can’t faze us and my amazing girls just laughed as I️ ran outside Yama to fix and clean up the messes 😆 Ofcourse we were also saved at the perfect moment by our amazing grandparents who were also traveling south in their RV. Spending time with them and learning the ropes has been non other then blissful. We are learning and growing every day in every aspect. Now we have finally settled in the little town of Marine California, chilling and shopping at night in the Walmart parking lot, our new favourite and unlikely home. By day we are only a 1min drive to the beach, an awesome park for Jude and the little town Center. Linzy can paint her heart away overlooking the sand dunes and amazing views the ocean has to offer. Jude can play and grow to her hearts content, thriving with the joy and freedom she sees her parents living. Through all these experiences and being in nature my ability to relate to my clients and hone in on my healing abilities is growing day by day. I️ wake up and go to sleep with extreme gratitude. One last note for now, our little kitties have adjusted and are up to their usual nonsense playing and climbing all over us at night. Onelove to you all and to all a goodnight 😉🙏🏽❤️💖

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Current mood: spinning with joy because it’s Saturday and it’s almost Thanksgiving break! . . . . . . #provoengagements #utahvalleyweddingvideographer #provoportraitphotographer #joy #thankful #collinsvideography

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Винцо и горячие раклеты - идеально для субботнего вечера! Спасибо maialia за наводку 😘 . . #винцо #раклет #вкусняшки #друзья #люблюповеселиться #litvinovairinablog #Moscow #weekend #friendsforever #winelovers #joy

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Manushi_chhillar .,., U did it.,.,.,.,aftr so löng years.,.,.,miss world .,.,.,from india.,.,making india proud.,., ., #missworld #beautyful #manushi #chillar #india #love #support #proud #bharatmata #happy #joy ., .,.

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#christmasmarket #joy

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‼️Shop Update‼️ I've been so busy with local orders recently that I've had the shop in vacation mode for a week or so. I will be opening up in a few days with a big holiday sale, so get ready! 🎅🏼🎉 . . . . #etsy #joy #christmas #happythanksgiving #sale #merrychristmas

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Felix Culpa happy fall . “For God judged it better to bring good out of evil than not to permit any evil to exist.” Augustine . . A year ago today, I would have never been able to tolerate Felix Culpa. It would have gone against everything I'd known and felt, but today I know more than ever, that God is good, so merciful, so kind, so living. . He has walked through the valley of the shadow of death with me. He has sat in silence with me when there were no words to describe or express my pain. He has been my strength when I had none. He has soothed me when I have felt only chaos and fear. He has filled me with his hope, and given me a beautiful future. . And at this place, and at this time, I am able to say Felix Culpa. . You, Holy Father have brought good in and through and to me out of evil. You, Merciful Father saw what you wanted to do in me and allowed evil to exist and touch me to produce good. You, oh Sweet Father are using every tear and sorrow to produce in me the Christ-like qualities that are eternal. . Blessed Trinity, I am grateful. . Have your way in my life forever more.💜 . #felixculpa #joy #grief #purpose #mercy #eternal #strength #haveyourwaylord #pain #evil #augustine #suffering

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‘Fortune favors only the prepared mind’ Louis Pasteur 1854 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #adventure #explore #appreciate #coffee #quotes #joy #flowers

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