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Make sure you are flowin in the right direction. Sign up for the Deetox 30 Day Challenge today at #justsayin #deetox #imdeehutchinson

2 0 Mar 20, 2018

Same could be said for the benefits of giving up social media. Not that I intend to, but just sayin. 🙈 . . positivelypresent #freeyourself #intentionalliving #selfdiscipline #ishard #addiction #justsayin #slavestoourphones

11 0 Mar 20, 2018

Say hello to tonight's explosively delicious, basic burrito bowl that was taken next level with the addition of my life-changing roasted baby tomatoes & 👑 howsweeteats 's  caramel chipotle sweet potatoes!!! . Caramel. Chipotle. Sweet potatoes!!!! ❤️💫💃 . Yep - no words.🙌🏻 . In the bowl we have all the usual suspects . 🍗 Chicken which I drizzled with EVOO, seasoned with a pinch each of garlic, onion, chipotle pwd + ground cumin, coriander, & smoked paprika + S&P then cooked on a sheet pan in the oven with some capsicum & red onions. . 🍠 To make the caramel chipotle sweet potatoes - I just sliced into rounds, drizzled with EVOO and seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic, onion & chipotle pwd & a drizzle of maple syrup - then roasted @ 175'C/350/F for 20 is mins - (adapted from howsweeteats 💖 ) . Then I built my bowl . 🍅Quick & easy pico using my fave roasted grape tomatoes (recipe link in previous post) + red onion, jalapenos, coriander/cilantro, S-P & a squeeze of lime - you could just use fresh toms but, the roasted really do take it next level #justsayin - #doit ! + . 🍚 Cilantro-lime cauli- rice (recipe link in bio) + alll of the salad greens . + . 🌿 Cilantro, 🌶 chili & 🍈 lime + . 🥑 A big dollop of jalapeno'-guac-ranch - mash 1/2 an avocado - 1/2 a jalapeno, 1 Tbsp of primalkitchenfoods mayo + 2 Tbsp of yoproau Greek style yogurt , 1 tsp meadowmarrowbonebroth natural concentrate (optional but recommended for an extra dose of gut healing goodness) a pinch of smoked paprika, garlic, onion powder, S&P + spicetradingco ’s guac mix & a squeeze of lime 🙌🏻 . + an extra dash of hot sauce ( I ❤️ tessemaes) + a handful of sietefoods lime & sea salt tortilla chips (those things are life!!) . . Seriously, you nnneeeeeddddddd in on this! 😘😘 . . Tell me, how will you build your bowl?! . . . . #paleo #primal #glutenfree #moderation365 #fedandfit #feedmyfamily #tacotuesday #eattoperform #whole30 #LCHF #deliciouslysimple #fatfuelled #keto #Emfit #eatplaycrush #andyskitchen10kgiveaway #redislandevoo andys__kitchen redislandevoo emfitchallenge

20 1 Mar 20, 2018

K I N D N E S S is F R E E #justsayin'

20 1 Mar 20, 2018

Venice beach street performer pulled me & some random woman into his skit - you know I had to speak up lol😂 #justSAYIN • • • This dude was drunk as hell jumping all over broken glass with his bare feet

5 0 Mar 20, 2018

It's Christmas in March!!!! Bass bing bada boom!💥 My birthday is in May y'all, #justsayin 😂😂😂😂 #beinggrace #pandora #crazy 💋❤️

2 0 Mar 20, 2018

Norman and his fan during a photo op at the walker stalker con 💋 this is so adorable I wish it would be me though 😍🖤 #justsayin

1 0 Mar 20, 2018

not necessarily in that order. #justsayin’ #CoffeeWisdom ☕️💬

65 3 Mar 20, 2018

😆Okay okay, i see a lot of ugly niggas posting "i only love my bed n my momma" ,like Bro ,what choice do you have?..🤔 Asking for another friend #justsayin #lol #tuesday #coolweather #atworklike #oldpic

47 3 Mar 20, 2018

Some people, I recognize instantly. Others, take a lot of time and effort to remember. One of the ways I show people I care, that no one ever notices, is by making it a point to remember them. By studying their habits/traits/features, so I will remember them, the next time I see them. I read people, because I don't usually remember them, via just looking at them. Congenital prosopagnosia. Some stick, some/most don't. Some fade some/most won't. I even have to point myself out in a mirror amidst a room full of crowded people, by looking for my body's reaction(s) in it, when I can't see my tattoo. Not one person on this planet, has ever done as much to show me they care about me, as I have worked to show everyone, how much I care about everything and everyone. #justsayin #junemarie #junemarie1984 #junemariewillman #Fuckthehaters #AtleastImNotAMoron #Haterade

0 0 Mar 20, 2018

Take a picture,it's last longer... -JYW:ONIB- 📱💼👓 cre henytaagustina #latepost #justsayin #whysoserious #weekend #holiday #trip #with #friends #snapseed #snapshot

18 2 Mar 20, 2018

Most people get a kick out of someone else's misery. They spend alot of energy delighting in someone else's mishap, often someone they know. Probably in some sick way, it makes them feel better about their lives being less than #perfect. In the #newearth, #love is the foundation of #society and #self. Empathy and compassion should take the place of mindless #gossip and false ego trips. A friend happened to mention to me after work one day last year about something rather scandalous about another young lady whose name I had heard of but who I never met in person. Now this is something only that young lady's inner circle would know of. I do not who chose to be disloyal friend to her but my response to my friend was along the lines, " Why are people ruining the rep of someone else's daughter?" To which she was stunned and I believe she started to realise her mistake for spreading rumours about another person. If we as individuals cannot empathise with others, how can we expect this from the #universe? It's #karma after all. We get back what we give out though the means and degree may vary.🙏 #cherishyoga #om #satnam #tohigherconciousness #peace #zen #love #igwriters #spilledink #meditation #healing #audreyhepburn #realtalk #justsayin

14 1 Mar 20, 2018

#wahreworte #Beziehung #justsayin

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