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So ya know, I firmly believe noelledoesketo put a spell on me because I woke up with #eggchalupa on the brain. I kept fighting the urge and already dressed & ready to walk out the door for work, I turned back around & made one LOL. I think it traveled beautifully, and now my office smells divine! #ketobreakfast #fatforfuel #lowcarbhighfat #eatfatlosefat #allthefats #iamketo #ketocommunity #ketoaccountability #ketofoodporn #ketoaf #fatburning #fatadapted #instaketo #ketomeals #ketolife #ketoliving #keto #ketostrong #ketogenic #ketogenicfood #ketosislifestyle #ketosis #livinginketosis #lchf #ketojournal #ketohouston

7 0 Sep 19, 2018

My Dinner Last Night. I Made It In Like 5 Minutes. Shiritake Noodles, With Trader Joe's Eggplant, Zucchini & Red Pepper Blend, And Some Pre Cooked Grilled Chicken, All Sauteed In Butter And EVOO Then Tossed In A Garlic Parmesan Wing Sauce. It Was Delicious! And Enough For Lunch Today!

14 1 Sep 19, 2018

One MORE reason I’m fueling my body and brain with Ketones. Exogenous ketones that are bioidentical to ketones produced in our liver...more accessible, easier to achieve, without the negative side effects many experience just trying to go about it with diet alone. 🧠 Claim your 5️⃣ day Experience Pack today and I will make it a 6️⃣ pack! 🔥💯👊🏻 Comment below with a “5” to purchase 👇🏻😍 #ketogeniclifestyle #ketocommunity #ketolife #ketofam #ketogenicdiet #lchf #lowcarbhighfat #eatfatlosefat #extremeweightloss #transformation #ketorecipes #ketofriendly #ketogenicfood #lowcarb #bacon #collagen #ketones #notadiet #burnfat #ketosis #preservemuscle #lovinglife #pruvit #pruvitwife #pruvitwithmadison #happywifehappylife #livingmybestlife joebelllol

13 0 Sep 19, 2018

Keto Lessons 2: Electrolytes aren’t just important at the start The very low-carb nature of a ketogenic diet can change the way your body handles electrolytes and water, increasing your likelihood to experience electrolyte imbalances and dehydration when you’re first starting (can I hear a groan for the muscle cramps!?) But something I’ve learned is that this continues throughout your ketogenic journey and not just at the start! When you drastically cut back on carbs, your body produces less insulin and glycogen stores are depleted. As the stored carbs are depleted, the kidneys start excreting more water. If you’ve done keto before, you may have noticed that you lost a lot of weight early on and felt less bloated. This is water weight resulting from the excretion of water. With this flush of water, however, important minerals called electrolytes are excreted too, causing electrolyte imbalances. There is much more science behind all of this that I will go into at another time, but today just know not to forget your electrolytes! Tips to getting electrolytes in: - Lite Salt (it’s potassium salt) - Pickle Juice (I swear by this for headaches) - Bouillon Cubes (please check ingredients for grains or sugar) - Epson Salt Baths (for the Magnesium) . . . #burrellsgoketo #ketolessons

20 1 Sep 19, 2018

Keto Birthday Cake 🎂 Keto birthday 🍰 🎉 🎁 cake!! 😇😆 . Whether you make this for a friend 😋 (or yourself 😉) this keto birthday cake is awesome!! ❤️🙌 Thanks! lowcarbyum #repost #Keto #ketogenic #ketodiet #ketolife #ketofam #ketolifestyle #ketogeniclifestyle #ketoweightloss #ketofood #ketocommunity #ketorecipes #ketoaf #ketoliving #ketofriendly #ketogains #ketomeals #ketogeniclife #ketogenicliving #ketofamily #lchf #KetoOS #ketogenicfood #hflc #ketotransformation #ketolove #KetoDessert #ketodesserts #ketorecipe

27 0 Sep 19, 2018

Mmmm brussels in butter... 😍

12 3 Sep 19, 2018

#ketomoussaka #کتوموساکا . برای سه تا چهار نفر : سه عدد بادمجان حلقه شده صد و پنجاه گرم گوشت چرخ شده یک لیوان پوره گوجه فرنگی سیر رنده شده دو حبه یک عدد پیاز درشت ادویه( آویشن، نمک، فلفل سیاه، پودر کاری، جوز هندی) پنیر موزارلا دو پیمانه پنیر ریکوتا یا خامه ای ۱۰۰ گرم خامه دو تا سه قاشق غذاخوری گشنیز خرد شده یک قاشق غذا خوری ریحان خرد شده یک قاشق غذاخوری روغن حیوانی یا کره به مقدار لازم اول بادمجان ها رو حلقه حلقه کنید و داخل آب نمک بریزید یا روشون نمک بپاشید و نیم ساعت بگذارید بمونن. بعد می تونید هم ورقه های بادمجان رو با مقداری کره یا روغن حیوانی سرخ کنید و یا روشون کره بمالید و در فر صد و هشتاد درجه نیم ساعت قرار بدید. در این فاصله مایه گوشتی رو آماده کنید : پیاز رنده شده رو در مقداری کره یا روغن حیوانی تفت بدید وقتی پیازها سبک شدگوشت رو اضافه کنید . دو حبه سیر رنده شده و ادویه ها رو اضافه کنید و گوشت رو تفت بدید بعد پوره گوجه فرنگی رو اضافه کنید و بگذارید روی شعله ملایم غلیظ بشه و به روغن بیفته. حالا فر رو روی صد و هشتاد درجه روشن کنید تا گرم بشه. پنیر ریکوتا و خامه رو در مایکروفر به مدت سی ثانیه قرار بدید تا نرم بشن بعد ریحان و گشنیز خرد شده رو با مقداری فلفل سیاه بهش اضافه کنید و خوب مخلوط کنید می تونید به مخلوط خامه و پنیر ریکوتا یک تخم مرغ هم اضافه کنید که من اضافه نکردم. . در ظرف مورد نظر یک لایه بادمجان، یک لایه مایه گوشتی و یک لایه پنیر موزارلا بریزید و مجدد تکرار کنید لایه آخر بعد از مایه گوشتی ، مخلوط پنیر ریکوتا و خامه رو اضافه کنید بعد پنیر موزارلا می تونید کمی پارمزان هم روش بپاشید و به مدت نیم ساعت در فر صدو هشتاد درجه بپزید🧡 #keto #ketogenicdiet #ketorecipes #ketogenicweightloss #ketogenicliving #ketogeniclifestyle #ketogeniclife #ketogenicfood #lowcarb #lowcarbdiet #lchf #losingweight #ketodiet #ketotransformation #کتوژنیک #کتوژنیک_لایف_استایل #کتوژنیک_دایت #کتولایف_استایل #لوکرب_های_فت #لوکرب #کم_کربوهیدرات

373 21 Sep 19, 2018

Have you ever heard of frittata food that is an Italian omelette with plenty of ingredients? If you make ketogenic diet and you want to this delicious omelette at your breakfast, don’t worry. We have a so easy ketogenic frittata recipe for you. Ketogenic diet is not only used to lose weight, but also to reduce the effects of various diseases. When excess carbohydrates and sugars are taken into the body, inflammation increases and this inflammation often causes the cells to die. The death of these cells causes many diseases. At the beginning of these diseases, epilepsy and diabetes are coming. Don’t forget that the most important way to pay attention to your health is through healthy eating. INGREDIENTS ▪ 250 grams of spinach ▪ 40 grams of mozzarella cheese ▪ 50 grams of kashar cheese ▪ 60 gram sausage (If possible buy from butcher, not a package) ▪ 8 eggs INSTRUCTIONS 1 Whisk the eggs in a deep bowl. 2 Add salt and red pepper but keep in mind that the cheeses are also salty. 3 If your spinach is frozen, heat in the microwave and do not cook. 4 Wash the spinach and drain their water. 5 Add the spinach over the egg with small pieces. 6 Grate the kashar cheese and add over the egg. 7 Add the sausage and mix well. 8 Grate the mozzarella in a plate. 9 Pour the mixture into a pyrex, then put the shredded mozzarella cheese on top. 10 Cook in preheat the oven at 175 degrees for 45 minutes. 11 That’s it ketogenic frittata recipe is ready, you can serve it. Bon Appetit! 🍽 #ketogenic #ketogenicdiet #ketogenicfood #ketogeniclife #frittata #breakfastideas #omelette #healthyfoods #healthyfoodideas #usa #oxochef #instagood #instafood #healthylifestyle

7 0 Sep 19, 2018

Avocado & double cream chocolate mousse. Made it for my kids as a dessert the other day.After holiday season I think they developed some form of sugar addiction!All the Ice cream, lollipops, gummies, waffles etc!my family is not keto but I think I have to focus more on changing their eating habits and cut the sugar as much as possible... to make this dessert you need 1 cup of double cream, 1 ripe avocado, 3tbp of cocao powder, stevia. Mash avocado until smooth, add double cream and stevia and cocao powder and whisk gently until it creates mousse. Top it up with berries, nuts - or anything else you like. . . . . . . . . . . . . . #keepketosimple #ketodaily #intermittentfastinglifestyle #intermittentfastinglife #ketodieta #ketomama #dietaketogeniczna #dietalchf #ketobegginer #ketomealprep #ketoapproved #ketolicious #ketorecipe #lowcarbhighfatdiet #ketoadapted #ketogenicfood #ketolife #intermittentfasting #ketogeniclife #ketojourney #ketogenicdiet #ketoliving #ketocommunity #ketorecipes #ketolifestyle #ketogenic #ketodiet

23 3 Sep 19, 2018

Keto Lessons 1: Calories do matter on keto, especially when close to your goal weight When I first started looking for information on how to start this Keto Diet, I heard people say over and over that you didn’t need to count your calories, "Just track your macros and only eat keto-friendly foods." But the more I studied, the more I knew this wasn’t wise advice at all. Science is science. And calories-in-calories-out really is important to how our body works. Luckily, when on a keto diet, most people will naturally eat less. For this reason, many won’t think they need to count calories on a keto diet because they don’t think they are hitting though high calories limits. But when you are eating high fat, fats are high in calories. However, just following a diet low in carbs, moderate in protein and high in fat doesn’t guarantee weight loss. It helps to keep an eye on your fat and total calorie intake. This doesn’t mean you have to restrict yourself massively and only eat 1000 calories a day – don’t be crazy! Keto isn’t about starving the body of calories, it’s about starving the body of carbohydrates. The keto diet is a lifestyle change, so it MUST be sustainable. Consuming huge amounts of food, even if it is low carb, will have an effect on your insulin and ultimately make your weight loss slower. What I am saying is that don’t think you can drink a carton of cream because it’s low carb and lose weight. Keep things reasonable. Eat when truly hungry and stop when full – not stuffed. As you get closer to your goal weight, you’ll notice that weight loss slows down dramatically. Review your goal weight and review it often. Make it a range. You can do this! #burrellsgoketo #ketolessons

25 1 Sep 19, 2018

Keto Lessons 3: You can get Keto Flu at any time you “cheat” with carbs, not just at the start! Symptoms of electrolyte deficiency include: • Heart palpitations • Feeling shaky, dizzy or weak • Headaches or migraines • Leg or other muscles cramps • Trouble with constipation and bloating These are all symptoms of keto flu, which occurs during the initial period where our bodies are adjusting to the lack of carbohydrates and switching to a state of ketosis. This means stored fats are broken down to produce energy. Electrolyte imbalances can happen to those who are new to the ketogenic diet, but also when you have a carb binge. I learned this the hard way when I went all out non-keto on my birthday for 2 full days. I felt like I had a horrible flu for days after. Now the food was good, but I did learn that it honestly wasn’t worth it and I won’t be doing that again. No one is perfect, especially not me! We all cave sometimes. The important thing is to remember how you feel afterwards. There was another time where I indulged in some red wine, even though it wasn’t a lot, I sugar crashed so bad I felt like I was drunk… off 4oz of wine. It’s not pretty. And it’s one of the most important keto lessons that everyone has to learn the hard way. #burrellsgoketo #ketolessons

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