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It had been sixty five days since Yoon Bum had first laid eyes on Oh Sangwoo. Forty three since his crush had turned into obsession. Thirty seven since he'd found the man's address, and started visiting in secret. Twenty since he'd started stealing things from the man's bookbag every class. Two weeks since the last time he had dared to make fleeting eye contact. One hour since recieving the invitation to Sangwoo's house party, and his hands were still shaking in excitement. Why Oh Sangwoo would invite a nobody like him, he didn't know-perhaps he had finally realized his feelings for Bum, and was going to talk to him at the party. More likely, he was just mass-inviting a lot of people. But nevertheless, Bum made sure to look his best that night. Wearing a red and black striped shirt and loose black pants draped over his overly skinny frame, he threw a jacket on and headed out to walk to the party. It wasn't a long walk, and one he had made many times before; within ten minutes, he was standing outside the door. This would only be the second time going into Sangwoo's home, the first ending up with him stealing one of the man's pillows. But then the door and password had changed, and he hadn't figured out the new one yet. In the present, he took a deep breath, preparing himself for what was to come. With trembling hands, he knocked on the door.

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