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Srdíčko moje🖤 #l4l

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Yeliz'in hikayesi de böyle.💔

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my love💕 bellahadid

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Follow me on user id on my bio...duet with me using #Duetwithpratikk and get follow back musical.ly__india_ musical.lyindia__official #FizuKiSena #musicallyappaddict #Musically #musicallyindiaofficial #malemuser #muser_repost #ilovemusically #l4l #like4like

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My first Ballet and it was amazing!! #sleepingbeauty

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They call me the meme god

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Our friendship happened when I really needed someone and I'm really glad it did! Right of the bat i knew we'd be friends because who else would listen to me talk about my hometown and other random shit. She introduced me to wah, talked about camp 24/7, called me to see how I was doing and even took me with her on her Walmart runs. At first I thought I didn't belong at GSU but she made me feel welcomed and loved. Nobody could ever put up with my bullshit like she could. When I was feeling down, she would always make me feel better. Kiana is the only person who can honestly make me snap back to reality and realize my errors. She helped me realize that it's not ok to let people step over me and use me! When it comes to food she is one of the few people I'd actually recommend to eat from because she's an excellent cook! We went to a football game and worship. Y'all already know my gay ass would not be caught at either of those places but she helped me step out of my comfort zone and I actually enjoyed it. She's not only one of my best friends but she's also like a sister and mentor! Happy birthday Kiana! Enjoy your day and I miss you! 💖💖

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Sexy black smoky eyes 💣 Який погляд! Від нього не втримається ніхто 🔥 Виконаний спільно з ученицею. Робота з чорним є одною з найскладніших. Зараз багато моїх клієнток готові на такий макіяж, оскільки виглядає ефектно та робить погляд кішки 😻

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Cada día es de progreso, actualmente tengo un 10% de grasa y 182lb, venimos forjando el cuerpo en acero, con la ambición de llevar una estructura perfecta, dando siempre lo mejor y agradecido de Dios por todo y especialmente por mis preparadores que siempre me dan el aliento y me sacan el bofe en el entrenamiento robertojimenezlacen wilsonfit13 y luis_corniel_01 que no está presente pero tampoco ausente dándome su apoyo y agradecido de usted inmensamente. #bodybuildingmotivation #bodybuildinglifestyle #mensphysique #fitnessmodels #fitnessaddict #abs #eatclean #eatcleantrainmean #eatforabs #fitnessfreak #instafitness #l4l #preworkout #gym #instafit #fitnessjourney #fitspiration #motivation #bikinigirl #BikiniFitnessCompetitor #santodomingo #smarfitrd #follow #follow4follow #rd

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Im in a v bad mood im not even joking :/ #babyariel

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