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be good, and good will come to you eventually ☺️. ——— wearing this beautiful #ladyseries scarf from zytadeliarahma zytadeliaofficial to brighten up my day 😁, aku jarang bgt pake warna kuning tp ini kuningnga soft bgt di campur sm blush jd fresh hehe good job bu zytaaaa😘 klo bajunya pake Calais top yg Off white dari nrhxnabilia 😉 as always (warna ini sepertinya sudah sold out, kalo mau bisa di order warna lainnya yah 😁😘) 📷 by zauzatalida

1921 7 Mar 16, 2018

#ladyseries by zytadeliarahma

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The first Ladies have arrived in the shop - one of each and all are unique! More to come, but I thought I would go ahead and load a couple 💃💃💃 . . #ladypainting #watercolorpainting #abstractlady #ladyseries #oklahomaartist

22 1 Feb 6, 2018

#LadySeries - Ένα ποδήλατο που απευθύνεται στο γυναικείο φύλο, ο συνδυασμός των ξύλων Padauk - Μέλιο μετατρέπουν την βόλτα σε μια αξέχαστη εμπειρία! 🚴‍♂️🚲🇬🇷️🔝🤩 #castorbikes #woodenpower #skg

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Maeve doesn’t want to go to work tomorrow, but she just paid for a new $2,500 breville espresso machine between 4 credit cards, so she’s gotta get her shift done ☕️ ☕️ ☕️ _____________________________________________ This lady is 14x17 + acrylic, oil pen, and oil pastel on paper at $250...comment sold in the comment section or DM me to purchase

198 8 Feb 16, 2018

And she is done, this was a struggle for me and took me longer then i wanted but I learned lots. You learn through the struggle and going out of your comfort zone. She inspired me to do a women series.

33 2 Feb 8, 2018


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4 0 Mar 15, 2018

#isleofman #ladyseries

4 0 Jan 28, 2018

#ladyseries by zytadeliarahma

3 0 Mar 15, 2018

Mi recomendación de esta semana es el último estreno de netflixes Everything sucks es digna heredera de Freaks and geeks y todo el universo teenager de la pelis de John Hughes. Se ambienta en el 96 así que la banda sonora es tremenda. #LadySeries #EverythingSucks #netflix #teenager #highschool #seriesquemolan #musicadelos90

46 13 Feb 23, 2018

So viel neues für uns Jägerinnen. Einer meiner Favoriten in Sachen Jagdjacke kommt ganz frisch von Deerhunter. Da freu ich mich jetzt schon auf den kommenden Herbst. Was es sonst noch brauchbares, schönes und an sonstigen „must haves“ gibt, werde ich mir, ab morgen, die nächsten drei Tage auf der IWA anschauen. #deerhunterforladies #ladyseries #wehuntlikeyouonlyprettier #deerhunter #hubertajagd #jägerin #huntress anikaskleinejagdwelt

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