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Swipe ➡️: Palace look like Buckingham #nonstop 🇬🇧👑

18 2 Oct 16, 2018

Athabasca Falls is a waterfall on the upper Athabasca River, approximately 30 kilometres south of the townsite of Jasper, Alberta. End of September, the river level was lower than it would be in the spring. It was still a beautiful waterfall. The turquoise waters of the Athabasca River simply sparkle in the sunlight, especially downstream through the short canyon.

2 1 Oct 16, 2018

Sunset captured in Orlando. The clouds were building all day here, and promised a great background to the sun setting today.

9 3 Oct 16, 2018

Vacation : Bryce Canyon in Utah. (And what I thought was a spot on my lens is a helicopter ... shown for “scale” 😉)

16 2 Oct 16, 2018

23 2 Oct 16, 2018

“Children are the keys of paradise” - Eric Hoffman

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