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Yes! Keep those crazy dreams alive behindthedreams #leadingandlove

14 1 Aug 12, 2018

Self-care awareness seems as if it’s a trend. It’s here to stay friends because it empowers us and has given us better relationships, marriages and lives. Listen to our few tips on how to stay on track and encourage your partner to care after themselves. #leadingandlove

18 1 Aug 5, 2018

#Repost leadingandlove • • • • • Sometimes many blessings come after the fire. Keep pushing forward if you’re currently in the fire. You’ll be amazed! #leadingandlove #love #trust #intimacy #affection #PBC #PleasureBoxConcept

9 0 Jul 18, 2018

Our pet peeves can evolve to triggers which is a reflection of a past pain point. Listen to our most recent podcast that explains further how to measure and manage them. Link in bio. #leadingandlove

23 1 Jul 26, 2018

Have you checked out this week’s episode on scorekeeping? Follow the link in bio and let’s learn when it’s okay to keep score. #leadingandlove

29 1 Jul 31, 2018

Honor means to publicly show admiration and respect towards someone or something. The keyword here is publicly. 1. Showing honor re-enforces all their positive traits. When you affirm your spouse publicly you are highlighting all their great characteristics.  It is human nature to want to keep repeating those positive traits when you hear them mentioned publicly. 2. Speaking well of your spouse helps you. If there is anything negative about them that needs to be addressed, the only person you will say it to is them. No one else will be helped by those words.  3. Positive words let others know where you stand with your spouse. If there was any hint of attraction to or from someone else, then your positive words will send a clear and powerful message that there is no room in this relationship for anybody else. This is a sacred space and no one shares it.  4. Honoring your spouse is a great way to model a good marriage. In a world where relationships are failing and marriage is seen as old fashioned, your marriage can be a shining example to those around you. When last did you honor your spouse publicly? When last did your kids hear you say how much you appreciate your spouse? How often do you praise your spouse in front of your colleagues and family members?  Here is our advice:  Start right now! Have a party for them and celebrate them. 😊 #leadingandlove

15 3 Jul 21, 2018

Yes! Touch up each other often and longer without going to the bedroom. When you do this it releases oxytocin and creates a stronger bond. A 10 second greeting kiss may be awkward at first (especially in public - pda) but you will appreciate it and look forward to it! #leadingandlove

15 4 Jul 14, 2018

For us couples that met during those college years I hope ashanti_tai reminds you to keep your dreams alive in your relationship and career. #leadingandlove

25 1 Jul 18, 2018

For those that do...what helps you stay connected and intimate? #leadingandlove

15 3 Aug 4, 2018

How many of us feel the same way about this? #leadingandlove

34 6 Jul 17, 2018

With the hormones released it’s fun to subtly flirt with each other at the gym because the other gym patrons don’t necessarily know you’re together. Try to act as if you’re meeting each other for the first time and offer to take her home for a shake 😉 #leadingandlove

19 1 Jul 29, 2018

Sharing your core feelings can be difficult because you’re putting yourself in a state of vulnerability but it leads to solving the core problem by uprooting it. You will need to truly think about how you feel and take responsibility for it. #leadingandlove

27 3 Jul 29, 2018

amanda_svendsen showing us a child free double date night! Do you have a couple you love hanging with? #leadingandlove

21 1 Aug 1, 2018

Repost from leadingandlove. How many of us feel the same way about this? #leadingandlove

180 6 Jul 17, 2018

The appreciation that will follow. You welcome 😁 #leadingandlove

18 1 Aug 8, 2018

Are you always trying to figure out how to surprise your spouse with your love and blow them out of the water? Here are a few tips that can help you out. #leadingandlove

16 3 Jul 22, 2018

themisstomrsclub sharing with us the beauty of culture and love. #leadingandlove

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