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"It is better to travel than to arrive." - Buddha

1 1 Jan 19, 2018

With the towel. Con la toalla. Cartagena, enero, 2018

6 1 Jan 19, 2018

5 1 Jan 19, 2018

6 1 Jan 19, 2018

Remains of the giant BC Copper Company smelter in Canada's smallest city (625). Greenwood was established in the late 1890s and owes its existence to the mines that pockmarked the region. As pictured, the massive looming stack is 36m (121ft) high and connected by the ruin of a draft tunnel that came in from the furnaces at the smelter buildings (now gone). Greenwood’s history was not a typical boom and bust #mining town. The smelter was built by the British Columbia Copper Company, a New York-based organization that bought the Mother Lode mine in 1898, and was one of 3 in the Boundary Area. The Boundary Region was one of the biggest copper producing regions of the world. Greenwood, Phoenix, Deadwood, Boundary Falls, Eholt, Summit City, and Grand Forks all grew to house and service the men who worked in the copper mines, smelters and railways. The production of copper was seen as a long term investment, not a one or two year boom and bust that happened to so many of the gold and silver laden districts of the frontier west bringing Greenwood’s population to around 3000. February 18, 1901 marked the blowing in of the first furnace. The smelter operated very successfully until 1912 when shortages of ore began to affect production. The coming of World War I lead to high metal prices and the smelter took advantage of this. However, by the end of the war prices collapsed and the plant was shut for good. Many towns associated with the mines died too – Deadwood, Eholt and Phoenix being examples. natgeocreative natgeofineart #lostplaces #rurex #explorebc #lensculture #agameoftones #trailblazers_rurex #urbex #rustlord #explorecanada #britishcolumbia #country_features #jj_urbex #imagesofcanada #sharecangeo #renegade_rural #trb_rurex #abandoned #abandonedplaces #kings_abandoned #renegade_abandoned

4 0 Jan 19, 2018

Look out // Kebumen, 2018 #ShotonIphone

7 5 Jan 19, 2018


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