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Teaching my daughter to start the day, the home made, nutritious way. I certainly never had breakfast like this as a kid! Teaching life lessons while she's young. . . . . . . . . . #startthemyoung #starttheday #nutrition #selflove #homemade #nourishyourbody #nourish #daughter #tween #moodswings #fresh #eatright #lifelessons #tgif #hark #htth #gg #motheringanddaughtering #freshstart #porridge #autumn #family

4 0 May 25, 2018

Pain can be a great teacher. It can also be a great distraction. . Pain can create suffering. And it can eliminate suffering. . Pain is created in the mind. If the mind isn’t paying attention to the pain there is no pain. . Pain comes from an internal source. Pain is yours and only yours. Pain is not real. . . #pain #fear #falseevidenceappearingreal #trust #letgo #godeep #toloveistobehappywith #lifelessons #havefun #beyourself #donotfocusonthepain #concentrate #focus #seegodineverything

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“We live in a culture that is obsessed with success and as a result we believe that it’s not ok to fail” - Matthew Kelly ⠀⠀ Failure is growth and progression - my PT tells me to “take it to failure” almost every session! Who decided that failure was a bad thing anyway? ⠀⠀ Comparison! We gotta stop comparing our ‘behind the scenes’ to other people’s ‘highlight reel’s’ on social media. ⠀⠀ “Am I better today then yesterday?” That’s all you need, comparisons are pointless in a world of individuals ❤️

18 1 May 25, 2018

Lezbehonest #99problemsbutabitchaintone💁 #lifelessons #lesbians #

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I am not you, and you are not me. I will not expect you to be me, and please do not expect me to be you. We so often attempt to inject our values on those around us, only to feel betrayed by them when they do not live up to our unspoken expectations. We are wired so differently. Some of us need to be engaging in and interacting with our external environment in order to generate energy. Whilst some of us need to cut off from our external environment and have our own space in order to recharge our batteries. Some of us focus our attention on all of the physical details surrounding us and are acutely aware of our 5 senses and beyond. Whilst some of us have our attention fixated on ideas, concepts and those things that are behind the curtain that can’t be physically engaged with. Some of us make the emotional impact on ourselves and others our number one priority when faced with making decisions. Whilst some of us use emotional impact as only one, and not the highest priority pieces of data along side logical and numerical data points when making their decisions. Some of us need organisation in our external world, in order to feel inner peace and freedom internally. Whilst some of us need that organisation in our internal world, in order to experience freedom to explore their external world. Our brains are quite literally wired in ways that differ from one individual to the next. What is most relevant and important to me, is not what is most relevant or important to you and vice versa. We need to be more self aware, and we need to be more emotionally intelligent. We must understand and APPRECIATE our differences, and stop getting so resentful of those who are different to us. At the end of the day, if two of you are the same, one of you is not necessary. Appreciating our differences is the key to loving connection. When we can all be courageously authentic enough to own our unique gifts and contribute them to the world, we will realise what a great gift it is to us all to be different. 👇continue in comments👇

2 2 May 25, 2018

You have to let go of regret,guilt &shame in order to allow yourself to be fully whole. 8 years and continued therapy gave me the strength to do this #lifelessons #elizabethgilbertwisdom

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Walk it like I talk it 👣________________________________________________________________ It doesn’t matter how great your shoes are, if you don’t accomplish anything in them 💭 #lifelessons #securethebag #shoegame

2 1 May 25, 2018

Oh what a crazy world we live in. The Universe has its subtle ways to help us grow and move forward... if only we are open to that growth and movement and are willing to see it. #lifeofwaya #growth #crazyworldwelivein #lifelessons

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We can all benefit from failure. Embrace it. More on Unbreakable Podcast episode 69.

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