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Such a fun family hike today, we found caves in West Hills! That’s my face pre and post hike because we forgot a carrier (again) and #lilmiss was not having it so once again I carried her three miles 🙄😂 #hike #familyhike #selfie #prehike #posthike #spelunking #familytime

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Good morning y’all ☀️🖕🏼 #lilmiss #fucku #morning #sundayvibes✨

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WARNING cuteness overload!!! 😍Lil miss Zahara is 8 weeks old today!! #cutiepie #babyspam #mumlyfe #8weeksold #lilmiss #babygirl #love #babybow

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reaalmuscle muscle is NOW Available on bodybuildingcom 🎉💙 #lilmiss LOVES #science and I have been explaining #protein synthesis to her! She is more fascinated by the #clear no color and dye/colorant free💪🏻( see the video) I put a direct link to bodybuildingcom in my profile check it out! —————————————————— All you need is ONE product NO more! If you’re a person who likes to keep it simple this would be an option for you! I am allergic to Whey protein, Isolates they bloat me and I do not tolerate them. I am also allergic to Treenuts. (almonds, pistachios, coconut, walnuts) pretty much everything but peanuts. I also HATE drinking water. For the past three weeks I have have tried adding my three scoops to a gallon of water v.s just taking the shot. I still take all day to drink the gallon, I have realized I am better taking “shots” of it throughout the day. So here is what I can say I’ve noticed thus far about real. The taste is amazing and it is clear and dissolves amazing, there are no “floaties” so the viscosity is like water. ❌Pre-workout This product doesn’t give you the #jolt of energy that a #preworkout would. I still drink #coffee in the morning😄 but it DOES help sustain energy throughout the day. And that to me is a Win🥇 ❌Protein Shakes I don’t tolerate them and when drinking them I would drink them during my workout because I couldn’t stand choking them down post workout. If you have followed me a while you know this 🤣 ❌BCAA while some taste really good I prefer to have a choice with less artificial sweeteners and sugars, and of course better results! —————————————————- Results....for the past three weeks I have been home the equivalent of six days. I have traveled three time zones, driven and flown thousand of miles but have managed to squeeze in workouts as I usually do. While taking his product I have noticed a maintenance of muscular strength, and tone even if the workouts are less than consistent, or modified. I am looking forward to the summer, especially after a few more weeks taking #reaalmuscle to be ready for my #FokkenREAAL #bikini #athlete #teambodybuildingcom #reaalmoms #reaalscience brandanfokken 7footphysique #fitmom

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