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80 2 Mar 24, 2018

ตกใจมาก อยู่ๆ OVF ของคุณลุง X100 ใช้ไม่ได้...ในใจ เอาแล้ว สงสัยได้ปลดระวาง (หลังทนอยู่กันมาเกือบ 7 ปี) เปิดโน่นปิดนี่อยู่นาน สุดท้ายลุงฟื้นครับ ใช้ได้เหมือนเดิม #รุ่นนี้ช้าแต่ชัวร์ #อยู่ครบ10ปีจะจัดงานแซยิดให้นะ #StayWithMe

367 1 Mar 24, 2018


17 2 Mar 24, 2018

caption this !

37 2 Mar 24, 2018

My first (and probably last time) to try Swaki. Gibutangan lang ug suka tapos kutsarahon dayun! Galihuk-lihok pa! 🐚 #FoodPorn

33 1 Mar 24, 2018

Every time I come and shoot at my favorite location in the Oregon Mountains I fall in love with it more and more. It just feels like we are escaping to a new land or something! Super excited to shoot another engagement here tomorrow so stay tuned for more love and mountain foresty goodness 😍🌿 . . . . #pnw #portlandphotographer #loveintentionally #radlovestories #justalittleloveinspo #belovedstories #makingmoments #travelgram #loveauthentic #dirtybootsandmessyhair #exploremore #liveunscripted #wanderlust #dcpresets #travelphotographer #dreamersandlovers #oregonphotographer #outdoorlife #adventurouscouple #thatsdarling #documentlife #chasinglight #letsgosomewhere #exploretocreate #photobugcommunity #effortlesslove #loveandwildhearts

41 3 Mar 24, 2018

Ok friends, my 5 styling tips is up on my youtube channel, and I’m even sharing the behind the scenes of some of my instagram outfits! I am all about encouraging other women that you don’t have to have a lot of clothes to put together beautiful outfits! So go check it out! (Link in bio) 🎥

32 3 Mar 24, 2018

19 1 Mar 24, 2018

Yosemite.... DONE THAT✅

36 1 Mar 24, 2018

Friday night V I B E S ✌️⚡ • • Busy weekend ahead of me! You can catch me at A Dressy Affair tomorrow night where all proceeds raised go towards CAPRE, and Sunday at the Greenwood Mall selling gift basket tickets to raise money for WE Believe! 👑 📸: gallaphoto #fearlessatgrace #msmaritimeintl2018

15 1 Mar 24, 2018

I had the best time writing my article for BORGEN Magazine, "How Wildlife Conservation Can Alleviate Poverty"🌿🌊 You can check it out online, or go to the link in my bio🙌 GUYS. This planet is not only beautiful, but essentially linked to our welfare. When the Earth and its wildlife is thriving, so are we. When the water is clean, poverty stricken communities' health improves. When forests, that serve as habitats for species, are preserved, the air is cleaner for those developing countries who surround it. When a keystone species is saved from extinction, the biodiversity of an environment is strengthened, and therefore stabilizes the elements and prevents natural disasters from hitting fragile towns💛 We are all in this together (I'm sorry if now HSM is now stuck in your head😜), and we need to treat the environmental health as cautiously as our own, because really it is the same. Be sure to check out my article, and love on mama nature a little more this weekend. We can always improve♻️🌏

24 1 Mar 24, 2018

It is not about how big the house is, it is about how happy the home is.

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