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We wish him the best and hope that he will come back #loganpaul #logang4life

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Maybe it's too late, Daniel has already got her. Corbyn: lets go guys! We go onto the flight, and I go find my seat. Y/N already found hers, she got a window seat. I notice my seat is next to her! Maybe if I'm lucky, she will fall asleep on my shoulder again. Y/N: hey Jack?.. I never got to say sorry.. Jack: sorry for what? What in the world would she have to say sorry for? I'm so lost, I can't think of any time? Y/N: movie night.. Daniel told me, you guys got worried. But really you don't need worry I'm fine. Jack: o-oh right, um I-I'm glad to hear y-you are okay. Why am I so nervous around her? - We land in New York. Y/N didn't fall asleep this time, I guess she is too excited. After we get our suitcases, Y/N runs to the exit. She starts twirling around outside. She is so happy. Daniel starts running out to her. He picks her up and twirls her around him self. He put her down and they both start laughing. Jonah comes up besides me, and taps me on the shoulder. Jonah: bro its not too late. Jack: I'm not giving up Zach comes up on the other side. Zach: good choice, go get her! Jack: I can't! I'm so nervous around her. Corbyn: don't worry, will set something up. We go over to Daniel and Y/N. They are still laughing their ass of. Corbyn goes over to Daniel. Corbyn: Hey D, can I talk to you over here? Daniel: sure Corbs. They walk away from us, but only a few meters. ⚠️IS CORBYN GOING TO TELL DANIEL?!?!⚠️ •Like And Comment For Episode 10• jackaverymusic #whydontwe #whydontwemusic #whydontweimagines #whydontweimagine #whydontwefanfic #jackaverymusic #jackavery #jackaveryimagine #jackaveryedits #jackaveryedit #Loganpaul #jakepaul

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