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225 7 May 21, 2018

` Swıpe to Walk on #water | ~ Skräddarə(Gerridae)

23 3 May 21, 2018

I appreciate you. 🙏🏽

185 7 May 21, 2018

Gracias a quienes vieron el live y lo seguiran viendo por las 24 horas que estará en el perfíl. Me encanta la interacción y mensajitos que envían. Solo puedo ser una agradecida de llevar años en el medio como cantante, animadora y actriz de voz. Y más importante aún, que no solo me sigan por eso, si no por mi forma de ser. Son los mejores!!! GRACIAS por su cariño. Ésta semanita estaré compartiendoles cositas entretes 😙 ______________________________________ #Positiva #positivevibes #luz #light #PensarBonito #SentirBonito #amolavida #innerlight #luzinterna #lovelight #lovelife #smile #sonrisa #hope #esperanza #magia #vida #sonrisa

237 10 May 21, 2018

Anytime someone talks to me before midday especially when I’ve worked out. #intermittentfasting 12-8pm alkaline_vegan_news 🤣🤣🤣

147 5 May 21, 2018

You probably already know what I’m gonna say, but we had some love light action poolside. If you ask me, I’d tell you uncle Erik was poppin in and saying hello. It happens often ❤️☺️ #shinebrightlikeadiamond #lovelight #alwaysaround #moresundayvibes

10 0 May 21, 2018

So the Tarot is saying what we already know, the ascension Process is afoot, and this is the outcome of that delayed growth from the June Reading | the people in dominance are currently are at the last stages of obstinance, so the last purge or “NEGATIVE DETOX” is the theme of June and this next June reading suggests that there will be immense joy and self recreation in the future but we have to be carful of deceit and false truths. So Follow what resonates🌞 I also Really wanted to Post what the Sun Card Defines as sooo.... ☯️🕉💟☯️🕉💟🌈🌏 #tarot The Sun ☀️ This card Represents the Lord of the New Aeon, the Lord of Light, Life, Liberty, and Love, the Complete emancipation of the Human Race. The green mound Represents the fertile Earth, but the presence of a wall shows that The New Aeon does not mean absence of control. the Twin children are represented as dancing outside the wall, Because they typify the new stage in Human History, the stage of complete freedom from the restrictions imposed by such ideas as sin and death. ☯️🕉💟☯️🕉💟☀️🌈🌏 So that’s indication that June Will be the Last month of anticipation, the light will Reach Us. #lightworker #lightlanguageactivation #lightcodeactivation #higherhelp #lightcodes #lovelight #loveislife #tarot #tarotcards #ascension #5D #newearth #5Dsouls energeticalchemist

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