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वो हर रात बतियाती है चाँद से अकेले, . उसे इल्म है तन्हायी का दर्द क्या होता है! . Every night she lays at her terrace staring at the moon as cool breeze plays with her hair. I often notice that she talks to him as if he's another human. . It intrigues me as I find her smiling, giggling to herself. So one day I go up to her and lay with her, trying to decipher what she sees. She smiles at me and continues her talks. . I find it spooky at first but then she holds my hand and comforts me. . "Can he hear you?" I ask softly. . "Not really! But he understands. He can't see probably, can't even hear what I say. Yet I believe the moon understands what it means to be human. . Uncertain. Alone. Created by imperfections. . Much more than what humans do nowadays." She smiles wider as I let her words sink in. . Now we talk to the moon every night! 💕

32 6 Apr 22, 2018

I'm the most lucky man in the world to have this piece of art of a lady❤ I love you so much and even if my back and knee is fucked you always make my day fantastic and you're always there for me❤ #couplegals #couple #livelife #lovequotesandsayings #love #mybae #oneandonly #madlove #yours4ever #shortyandthebeast

5 0 Apr 22, 2018

Loneliness + a Relationship = Unnecessary Pain 💔

11 1 Apr 22, 2018

i might make lyric/quote posts with these which ones should i do

7 1 Apr 22, 2018

"The beautiful Truth" and "The Beautiful Life" are both available worldwide on Amazon. Push link in bio. Follow markanthonypoet Much love.

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