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Eternity is not a distance but a decision. 永远不是一种距离,而是一种决定。 #lovequotesandsayings

3 0 Jul 17, 2018

// gooooooodmorning :-) #071718

8 1 Jul 17, 2018

Verstellst du dich vor anderen Leuten oft? {Me: Kommt drauf an, wer es ist (also z.B. bin ich mit meinen echten Freunden anders, als mit meinen Lehrern oder Fake Friends😂🤷🏼‍♀️), aber vor meiner Familie und echten Freunden kein Stück❤️ -> Und das sollte man auch nicht! Seid immer wie ihr sein wollt und nicht wie die anderen es von euch erwarten, denn ihr seid auf eure eigene Art WUNDERVOLL💕 - Folgt für mehr furchtloseste 🥀

307 14 Jul 17, 2018

Love || There will be moments in life where your love is not received. It will hurt. You’ll want to close. Perhaps you won’t want to give it again. I understand. My love, may you choose to give it anyway. As a gift. Without needing anything in return. Imagine your love like a sweet shower that brightens this beautiful Earth ♥️ #drnikkistarr #love

176 7 Jul 17, 2018

My husband is on a business trip right now. I’m homesick every time he‘s gone! I told you guys that before, that in general I‘m not a person that is homesick and I adjusted pretty good when we moved here. But without him I‘m not complete. He is my home. I’m so glad I got to share life with him!! And can’t wait for him to come back! . . . . . . . . . . . #homeoswheremyhusbandis #letterboardquotes #letterboard #letterboardlove #lovequotes #lovequote #love #lovequotesandsayings #homesick #homesickwithoutyou #youaremyhome #home #lofeofmylife #husband #hubby #besthusband #bestdad #wife #marriage #healthymarriage #backyard #patio #outdoorfurniture #wickerlove #wicker #rattan #overall #overalls #headscarf #headscarfs

66 2 Jul 17, 2018

Did you ever felt frustrated because a person only looked at your flaws instead of seeing your qualities? We meet a lot of people in our lives, each one has their own opinion about us, there are people that their opinion really matter and other’s don’t. The thing is when a person that you really care about can only see your mistakes, your imperfections as a person, it really hurts. It seems like a bee sting that shattered the skin and reached the heart. And we humans are so damm stupid that when a person doesn’t see our potencial, when a person neglect us, awww man that’s when we become puppies craving for attention. Then we create stories on our heads that the other person is the most beautiful human being on heart, when sometimes the other person doesn’t give a shit about you and it’s a rascal human being. I still have a lil rascal in my head from a couple of years ago, It’s hard to kick them away, but if we truly understand the meaning that the person has in our lives we can progressively shut up our ghosts. Besides all of this, there are situations where we just aren’t good enough for the other person and that’s ok! Don’t be depressed because that person doesn’t like you, there are a lot of other’s that do. Person A: -Oww but I wanted the other, I don’t care. Person B: - But you should care, the other isn’t tuned in your frequency, it doesn’t appreciate your sound. You can’t please everyone, it’s fucked up but it’s life. Moral of the story: when you meet a person, judge less, listen more and you might see your life changing as the ones surrounding you.

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