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4 1 Apr 25, 2018

#ad When we were pregnant with Ev, we were (ok, I was 😂) pretty nervous about how David would react to no longer being the only kid in the house. I honestly loved our little dynamic duo and I was afraid to lose it! Josh and I actually did a lot to mentally prepare David for Evy's arrival. When she came, David was the best big brother ever!! We often had to tell him to go easy when kissing and hugging her because he'd probably smother her! One of the things we did was bring him along in every step of the process, even diaper shopping!! He was so interested in the tiny diapers the new baby would need. pamperspure is such an obvious choice for our family because they have 0 parabens and are made with cotton and soft, plant-based fibers, and other thoughtfully sources materials- all while doing the job they're supposed to do! Get yours with FREE shipping online walmart after spending $35. #PampersPureJoy

25 3 Apr 25, 2018

“Cause darling without you All the shine of a thousand spotlights All the ✨ we steal from the nightsky Will never be enough Towers of gold are still too little These hands could hold the world but it'll Never be enough For me Never, never” - L. Allred

21 1 Apr 25, 2018

Lançamos um questionamento: Na sua opinião qual é a melhor alternativa: a) Drinks e Amigos b) Amigos e Drinks c) Esquecer a filosofia e chamar os amigos pra drinks. . Esperamos suas respostas nos comentários! 😉. . . . #Repost renataeger ( get_repost) ・・・ 👴🏼👵🏼🧓🏼. . . #santotrago #cocktailbar #hotelbar #baresfloripa #bardecoquetel #drinks #drinklovers #amigos #makemoments

2 0 Apr 25, 2018

Nose kisses, forhead kisses, & all of the smiles // #perksofdatingaphotographer

14 2 Apr 25, 2018

Picture this. #cstxiphone #iphoneography

8 1 Apr 25, 2018

“You are my sun, my moon and all of my stars.”- E.E. Cummings All this rain today has me dreaming back to this incredible shoot with the most bad ass team! Brides if you’re looking for any suggestions for vendors to take your special day over the top, reach out I’d be happy to make some suggestions! _theperfecttable truemateweddings forheavenscakesnshakes ladyhayes joboucherphotography wildandwanderphotography bprettymua kimdrosdick foreverdivineinteriors enchanted.dream roseetvin breeynmccarney thunderloftpaper vintagebash itstunatime trob9293

5 1 Apr 25, 2018

Rich on the trail above Zermatt

74 2 Apr 25, 2018

V • I • N • T • A • G • E

9 1 Apr 25, 2018

Νύφες, κουμπάρες, πεθερές, κουμπάρες και μανούλες σας έχω τέλεια νέα. Μόλις μάθατε πώς θα βάψετε τα νύχια σας την ημέρα του γάμου!! Η Reem Acra, μια καταξιωμένη σχεδιάστρια που δημιουργεί ονειρεμένα νυφικά, συνεργάστηκε με την essie για μια σειρά βερνικιών που εκφράζει κάθε γούστο 💅 👰🏼 #essie #essielove #essiewedding #politiamarketwedding #politiatennisclub #bridalmanicure #bride #bridal #mani #manioftheday #nails2inspire #nailswag #nailartnow #nailpolish #photooftheday #beunique #livelovelaugh #livecolorfully #bloggervibes #makemoments #thehappynow #smile #myunicornlife #visualcrush #goopgo #goodvibes #likeit

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