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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my husband: aka friend, lover, companion, boss, advisor... Everything! My gorgeously delicious everything!!! Xxx #soppypost #loveyou #besties #birthdaybeers #smiles #marriedlife hardiejim81 xxxx

0 0 Aug 16, 2018

The picture was taken May 18th at 8:37 am. It isn't just one of many random photos I took of my parents showing affection. It's a photo of a loving couple of 48 years holding hands as dad checked in to the hospital for his second major pancreatic cancer surgery. Fast forward three months later dad is pulling out some old school records and dancing with the love of his life. Mom and dad have overcame circumstances that would of broken down the best of marriages. Yet they wake up every day determined to love each other more than they did the day before. Willie and Belinda Kelly is love, gives loves, and my greatest loves! #blacklove #marriedlife #greatestparentsever #cancersucks #cancersurvivor #mylove #parentslove

0 1 Aug 16, 2018

Married my sweetie in San Diego this past Friday! It was extremely beautiful and we’re so grateful for all of our friends and family that made it out but I’m also extremely grateful that it’s OVER! Weddings are a lot of work and I think I aged a solid five years because of it! 😌

5 1 Aug 16, 2018

Seeing parcels with my new name is super surreal. #marriedlife #newwife #wifelife #surnamechange #changename #marriage #newlyweds

1 0 Aug 16, 2018

5 months ago I married my best friend, and in 7 months I’ll get to marry him again! ❤️ happy monthversay therealstorm713 👰🏻🤵🏻 #amoritos #inlove #marriedlife #pdawife #iloveyou #happy #wedding #monthversary

5 0 Aug 16, 2018

Thanks to oversizedturtle for his superior photography skills in capturing this moment of my love and I. Over 5 years of marriage and still blossoming. <3 #grandtetonnationalpark #wyomingadventures #ilovehim #timewithtim #getoutside #marriedlife #phelpslaketrail #phelpslake #summertimelove

1 0 Aug 16, 2018

5 years?! No way!! We have been through a lot. We have seen the highs and lows. We have seen history be written for the good and bad. One thing has remained the same, you! You have been my “ride or die” through it all and couldn’t imagine what life would be like if you weren’t such a big part. That was the past... with #babykhan on the way I know that everything we have been through just makes the future so much more brighter and clearer. I seriously can not wait to spend the next 500000 years with you and bring more bundles of joy. But I think for now we start with just one and see how that works. Tbh I am having one kid but you’ve always had deal with a child 🤗😝 I love you sooo much!! #5year #millionyearstogo #foreverlove #babykhan2018 #marriedlife

4 1 Aug 16, 2018

I don’t have glamorous pictures of fancy food because it’s me 🤣 but this was perfectly portioned, right in my meal plan, and fudging delicious 🤤 (yes, that’s Franks & I put that sh*t on everything) _____________________ Picky eater was my excuse for a long time. “I can’t eat red meat. I don’t eat vegetables. I don’t know how to cook.” Guess what? Still mostly true! I have started enjoying vegetables though (thank you shake for helping me out, fam 👊🏼 ) but I’m still trying to learn how to use a crockpot over here 🤷🏻‍♀️. But you don’t need to be a chef to change your relationship with food into a healthy one. I keep things basic most of the week. Sometimes it’s super random. And you will definitely see me enjoying a delicious cheat meal (can’t wait for fair food & ice cream tomorrow🍦) on the weekends because. Balance. Simplicity. Sustainability. It doesn’t have to be complicated! 😉🤟🏼

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