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Idk whether to laugh or be sad about this tbh.

228 1 Oct 6, 2018

Their friendship is so underrated. Gosh, I love them.💜

338 1 Oct 3, 2018

Quote from 4x21 || All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone _______________________________________________________ Date Posted: 9/23/2018 ~ Follower Count: 3855 Happy OTH Day! 15 years ago, One Tree Hill premiered on The WB which would become The CW. Most of you know my history with the show, but if you don’t, I’ll share now. When OTH premiered 15 years ago in 2003, I was only 8 years old. I definitely wasn’t the demographic they were going for. I was still watching That’s So Raven and Lizzie McGuire when I did watch TV. So, fast forward to 2013. A year after One Tree Hill ended. I was 17 almost 18 and about to start my senior year. I decided to start watching One Tree Hill on Netflix. I had previously tried to watch with my best friend who loved the show and I didn’t make it past the pilot. But when I sat down by myself and watched the pilot, I was intrigued in a way I wasn’t when I watched with my friend. I have this rule when I binge watch a show. If I don’t truly care about what happens to the characters by the 4th or 5th episode, I stop watching. If I make it to the end of S1 and don’t care, I don’t continue the show. I can honestly say that when I watched OTH, I was hooked in by the second episode. I loved the characters and the storylines felt so relatable to me and what I was going through as I was about to be a senior. The show changed my perspective on quite a few things and it keeps me coming back to watch regularly 5 years since I started watching it. I’m always finding new quotes and new favorite storylines. I absolutely love this show and I wouldn’t be here on this account if I didn’t. _______________________________________________________ #LucasScott #PeytonSawyer #NathanScott #HaleyJamesScott #BrookeDavis #RachelGatina #MouthMcFadden #MarvinMcFadden #SkillsTaylor #AntwonTaylor #BevinMirskey #Braleyton #TheScottBrothers #Naley #Leyton #Brulian #OTHDay #OneTreeHillDay #OTH #OneTreeHill #OTHFan #OneTreeHillFan #OTHFam #OneTreeHillFam #OTHFamily #OneTreeHillFamily #GilmoresTreeHill

1250 4 Sep 23, 2018

— 4.12 I laughed so hard at this😂

28 1 Sep 26, 2018

So today’s OTH day, it’s been 15 years since the very first episode of One Tree Hill aired. I started watching it a really long time after it ended and I didn’t even know anything about it until I searched up the shows that Chad Micheal Murray was in. I decided to try One Tree Hill, just to see how it is and I instantly fell in love with it, from the very first time. After that, I learned so much and experienced what it was like to be totally obsessed with a show. Before OTH, I didn’t have a favorite show, this was my first mature one, you could say and it still is my favorite to this day. The characters, storylines, lessons, cast and everything is the most perfect thing ever and I’m so glad that I started watching this show. This is a really messy edit but so is life, as we all learned from watching One Tree Hill. Thank you for giving all of us OTH fans an amazing experience ❤️. #oth #onetreehill #othday #15years #15yearsofoth #lucasscott #peytonsawyer #haleyjamesscott #nathanscott #brookedavis #quinnjames #clayevans #millicenthuxtable #marvinmcfadden

64 10 Sep 24, 2018

GUYSSS ITS SEPTEMBER 23RD. Today marks 15 years since One Tree Hill aired on television. And its only fitting that my 100th post is dedicated to One Tree Hill. • 15 years since some of our lives changed because of that one show. One Tree Hill is not just a show. Its not only about basketball rivalry. Its about real life, those ups and downs you have in your teen years, or even in your adult years. Its about family, friendship, love, hopes, dreams, and it also tackles a lot of issues that somehow you can relate to in real life. We might even have that one character that relates to us deeply. • One of the reasons why One Tree Hill is my favorite show ever is, do you ever watch something and that particular something makes you feel safe and makes you feel like you're home? Well, that is One Tree Hill for me. • The show may have been off the air for 6 years, but that doesn't give some of us the reasons not to feel like One Tree Hill is a safe place for us to get chills when the intro of OTH comes on to sing I DON'T WANNA BE ANYTHING OTHER THAN WHAT I'VE BEEN TRYNA BE LATELYYYY at the top of our lungs to feel sad when there's sad moments, to being the happiest when the characters achieved their goals (even if you've watched the show like 17382827 times). I'm not ashamed to say that I've heard "Previously on One Tree Hill..." and heard Lucas quoting quotes plenty of times, and not even get slightly bored. • Oh, and the main thing why OTH is special- the cast. I love how the cast are SUPER supportive and being each others loudest cheerleaders. • There's a quote from the show itself-- told by Karen Roe & Haley James Scott, that relates to this feeling whenever I watch it, "There's only one Tree Hill, and its your home." #15YearsofOTH #OneTreeHill #OTH #OTHFam • Thank you One Tree Hill for the great 9 years. And, good night, Tree Hill. • (Ps. As usual, instagram ruined the quality🙄)

31 1 Sep 23, 2018

Multiple Episodes 2x22 || The Tide That Left and Never Came Back 8x08 || Mouthful of Diamonds 9x13 || One Tree Hill 4x20 || The Birth and Death of the Day 2x02 || The Truth Doesn’t Make a Noise 4x01 || The Same Water Deep As You 6x13 || Things a Mama Don’t Know _______________________________________________________ Date Posted: 9/3/2018 ~ Follower Count: 3784 So, I was planning on making and posting this for OTH Day, (which is 09/23) but I figured it’d be okay to post it today. These are just a few of my favorite quotes from my favorite characters. 💜 _______________________________________________________ #BrookeDavis #JulianBaker #NathanScott #HaleyJamesScott #PeytonSawyer #LucasScott #MarvinMcFadden #MouthMcFadden #JamieScott #JamesLucasScott #OTH #OneTreeHill #OTHFan #OneTreeHillFan #OTHFam #OneTreeHillFam #OTHFamily #OneTreeHillFamily #GilmoresTreeHill

410 3 Sep 3, 2018

S1 Mouth is so cute. 😍

438 1 Sep 28, 2018

"That is good. Do you want to replace Tutorgirl?"🤣

310 3 Sep 30, 2018

[2.6] I wish he actually bought it back for her tho fc 397

602 2 Sep 15, 2018

Oh Brooke.😅

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