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Because One Tree Hill is life. #OneTreeHill #BrookeAndMouth #BrookeDavis #MarvinMcFadden

6 0 Jul 21, 2018

I can't remember I ever appreciate them on here but they're probably my #3 favorite friendship of all time and i can't even put into words how freaking much they mean to me vc: scilesstilinski

72 1 Jul 18, 2018

I still can't believe someone edited this song to brooke omg like part of me by katy perry is one of the songs that mean most to me, especially the music video, and i never thought about it but it truly is THE song that fits Brooke the best vc: xothedits

38 1 Jul 16, 2018

brooke & rachel ac tricdavis lmao i’m laughing at why i chose this voiceover for this audio rip for maria, grace, erin & taylor #brachel #omgpage #rachelgatinaedit #brookedavisedit whatta flop

170 18 Jul 11, 2018

☕️☕️ vc: leytonsgirl

38 1 Jul 16, 2018

ladies own oth cc: epiphany ac: talle.lance

844 39 Jul 11, 2018

i cant stop thinking about you for lexi ac: ang.xt

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