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I might start promoting myself slightly through this page since I spam hashtags a lot. I do audio engineering. I mix and master music. If anyone out there happens to need a song mastered, dm me for pricing. depending on the size of the project, I range from $200-$1500. I take no long term commitments, please know how to deal professionally, and please know how to actually send music. I specialize in vocal mastering mainly, but i've done drums, guitar, overheads, and bass before. If I happen to turn down your request, it isn't me being rude. I reserve he full right to deny clients. I won't be on a time schedule and please don't have me working in association with a record label or contract. I don't have a certification in audio tech yet. See a professional if you're wanting to distribute your music.

11 1 Jul 16, 2018

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