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Pair a bright jacket with a bright pocket square to jazz up your look. ••• The gentleman shaunbirley pairing with his jacket the #serafinesilk sant'erasmo pocket square ••• Shop the full collection at - link in bio ••• Made in Italy for you. Worldwide shipping Photo: khirzadofficial

28 1 Apr 26, 2018

Happy to have finished 2nd year of university. Did way better in school, got many PB in swimming, and partied more than ever before! Lol. Not a bad year at all!!

57 2 Apr 26, 2018

Patek Philippe | Saint Laurent | Porsche Design

84 1 Apr 26, 2018

Recuerdos 😌

108 4 Apr 26, 2018

SS18 LONGSLEEVE PREVIEW - Follow unbrandedmtl for more! 🌎 - Image belongs to respective owner!📸 - #montrealfashion #fashionaccount #supportlocal

3 2 Apr 26, 2018


49 2 Apr 26, 2018

Ethos. The philosophy behind “God is Witness: The duality of light and dark, day and night. How the existence of both is crucial. Living in a society where one is quick to judge you. It is our duty to look beyond the surface. Real ones will love you for your inner beauty. Naysayers will doubt your courage to walk your own path. Don’t let the outside noise in. Only he knows what ails our heart Only he knows our true selves, he alone is witness.....

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