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I love Getting messages like this you never know how much you may have touched someone's life you've never met in person 🙌🏽.. . #LDMFITNESS #SKULLFACE #motivationalquotes #mentaljewels  #fitfam  #qoutes #thinkbig  #wordsofwisdom #lifeadvice #befearless #qoutesofthefay #qouteoflife #lifequotes #instaqoutes #dailyinspiration #inspirationalquotes #motivation #inspireothers #inspire

7 0 Oct 16, 2018

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#mondaymotivation for you all. #31daysofpositivity I know we all might have something going on in our lives good and bad, but we gotta stay the course! You're not alone either, talk to someone, love someone, listen to someone. Let's motivate and inspire one another to keep going. #abethevegan #veganmuscle #vegansofinstagram #plantbased #mentaljewels #family #support #vegan #healthiswealth #behealthy #veganaf #eachoneteachone #lessonsoverlosses

34 2 Oct 15, 2018

Our attention span plays a leading role in every aspect of our life. It effects our relationships, our ability to communicate, learn and to succeed. It impacts our mental, emotional and physical well-being. When you recognize the power your attention packs, the importance of knowing how to control your focus is clear. So, why is our attention span getting shorter and what can we do about it? Social media is the leading cause. It is specifically designed to create a continual surge of dopamine in our brain, bringing us pleasure and rewarding us for time spent scrolling. This ensures we repeatedly return for more. We don't have to look far to see how well it is working. It is normal to see a group of people sitting in a restaurant, each person lost in their phone, together yet not. Social media can stimulate our brain more effectively than most anything else. This makes it hard for us to focus on the world around us when we know we could be getting far more gratification with less effort elsewhere. Social media isn't all bad, it certainly has its advantages. It brings people and ideas from around the world together and allows individuals from every walk of life to rapidly access information, wisdom and knowledge. In some ways it is levelling the playing field, opening doors that were once reserved for only the most privileged in a society. However, as much as it is bringing us closer, it also has the ability to keep us isolated. To much exposure can increase our stress to an unhealthy level and cause us to burn out. Soon the simple things that once brought us peace are now boring, leaving us feeling overwhelmed and overloaded. As with everything, balance is the key. Taking time to read a book, walk in nature or have a long chat with a valued friend can set things right again. In a world that does not promote stillness, the result is often mental illness. If you read this through to the end, GOOD JOB 👏🏻🎉👏🏻, you just took control of your attention. Please, leave a comment and let me know who you are. Wishing you joy, peace and Empowerment, Xxx J #attention #focus #peace #empowerment #health #wellbeing #success #mindset #selfcare #selfcontrol #gains #growth

20 2 Oct 15, 2018

It’s Monday folks...don’t let the BS get to you. Here’s some tips for making your Monday awesome, even if you work in a cubicle with Lumberg as your boss: - [ ] Wake up early and get something done for yourself. For example, get up a little earlier, crush a workout, go for a run. Work out the “demons” so you can think clearly and are better able to detach from emotional situations. - [ ] Make a plan. Don’t like your job? Don’t like the direction of your life? Make a plan and then execute. Small steps lead to big miles over time. Have patience with your position and know it won’t last forever. - [ ] BREATH. The most underestimated way of immediately changing our emotional and chemical state. 4min box breathing can affect your nervous system within 6 seconds and 4 minutes gives you a longer lasting change. - [ ] CBD to control overall anxiety, anxious and SAD (social anxiety disorder) of which many more people suffer from than reported. - [ ] Lastly, SMILE. Smile through the shit in life and you’ll find you can apply yourself to anything and SUCCEED. Success is largely determined in how you approach situations when thing aren’t going well. Practice this principle and doors will open. Rant over. Have an awesome Monday! #cannathletics #mondaymotivation #getsome #cbd #cbdoil #mentaljewels

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Your brain will always race with thoughts. Make sure you create an environment to have peace. #peace #love #mentaljewels #positivevibes

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When the enemy says it’s over, Jesus says we’re just getting started! #faith #persistence #belief #jesus #fueltothefire #strong #mentaljewels #fitness

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Failure is not an option #alphashred #mentaljewels #warmahine #nutritionsolutions #redcon1official

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Volume is all the way up #warmahine #nutritionsolutions #alphashred #mentaljewels #redcon1

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