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Look at these lovely sisters! Do you remember back when I created this piece for my friend elliemecham ?? There was a lot of guesses that she was having a girl and using it for her nursery. (Still a little boy in there 👶🏻). You can now see it in the background of her and her sister bonniehoellein YouTube channel that they have together! I love how they decorated around it. Those pink chairs 😍. #dreamscometrue

548 5 May 22, 2018

Another one from the dirty night pictures. I see a white doge in the left corner and a strange face in the right corner. Abstract Expressionism Artworks and Macroabstractography by David Kunstist 2017-2018

48 1 May 22, 2018


70 3 May 22, 2018

Bronze Mechanism

27 1 May 22, 2018

“Fixed” is back. The collector who bought it decided to go with another painting. I’m sure it will find another wonderfull home soon. // “Fixed” er tilbage i stalden. Kunden, som egentlig købte det, bestemte sig for et andet maleri. Jeg er sikker på, at maleriet snart ender et nyt smukt sted.

251 6 May 22, 2018

So street 🤘🏻 . . . . . . #streetart #london #art #barbican #modernartists

18 1 May 22, 2018

Day 3: Just trying to recreate the colorful chaos in my mind on cardboard. 🎊 ❤️ Kinda messed up the mountain here, but what's your overall opinion? Should I try to replicate it bigger and better on canvas?🖌️ Water Color paint.

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