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The greatest physical force in the Universe might be Gravity - but the greatest mental force, unused and slumbering in most, is the Human Mind. . It is because whatever you set your Mind to, and really push it in, you can achieve. Your Mind starts to find ways to achieve it, it ignites the Flame of Passion inside your Soul and Opens your Eyes for Ideas, Plans, Knowledge and Mentors. That's why you can achieve anything you can also dream about. . Every great Success in the History of Mankind - be it the Spreading of Christianity, the Building of Skyscrapers, Bill Gates Life, Andrew Carnegie's Empire, or whatever else - started with a spark inside the Mind of a Person not yet Great. The Spark set something in them on Fire, illuminating the untapped in, potentially endless Genius that had not yet come to Light - until that very Moment, when they got that Idea. Their Life's Purpose was found, even when most of those People didn't recognize it at first. The conscious decision, to give it everything they got, accepting and learning from mistakes instead of crying and giving up, and the decision to change not only their Lifes to the best, but the Lifes of everybody else to the better - all of it started with a little spark, a little idea, words spoken by someone, or written down in a book, ideas recognized through everyday Life, or the Peak of incredible Hardship. . So whatever you try to accomplish, just know that it is possible, solely because you can dream about it. Every other Success-Story, that was written before yours, started with a Dream, and just like a Spark can ignite the brightest Fire, your Hopes and Dreams can ignite the brightest Fire inside of you, being a Beacon of Hope, and a Beacon of Guidance, for Hundreds of Thousands of People you will Help, and yourself, even in the darkest times.

51 10 Nov 18, 2017

Break Free from the Chains that keep you on the Ground - negative People, that try to talk you out of your Dreams, your Parents, having you chase their dreams instead of yours, your old Friends, the ones who are on a 50 year trip to daily stagnation, TV and Beer... . There are just too many Things in this World, that you can barely control, but that keep you from Success. If you want to make it in Life, you have to Break Free. Fuck all of it, and just go, do your Thing, don't care about anything and anyone else, because you live the Life you choose! . Break Free from the Social Norms, Break Free from the Bullshit Nutritional Advice from the TV-Guru, Break Free from your 9-to-5, Taking Monday to Friday from your Life and leaving you left with Satturday and Sunday - Doesn't that Sound like the worst Deal Ever? Trading 5 for 2? Well, 95% of People do it, or something similar. And they get Shit with their Boss, Colleagues, Low Pay and shitty Work on Top of it. . The Life you desire, the one where you can be, who you strive to become, where you can finally enjoy your Life to the fullest and be free - it is out there, trust me. People who worked extremely hard on themselves and their Lifes in the Past are Living it today - some of them still hustling, because they found that they love the Hustle, that it gives them a Purpose, and let's them achieve Goals far more out there than the initial ones. . If you want it - You have to Break Free. You do that, by slowly, Day by Day, Biting of the Chains, until you can crack it one day. You Hustle, daily, Work on Yourself, Your Body, Your Business, Your Skills. And if you keep going, maybe in a Month, 5 Months, a Year, or Whatever - you will have finally made it. . Keep Hustlin' 💪💪💪 Follow growthmotivation for more motivational quotes!

63 1 Nov 19, 2017

When you're working towards your goals and start to experience resistance you know you're on the right path! You see, when you are changing your vibration in the universe you will experience this resistance until you reach where you WANT to be, keep going and you'll be through this rough patch soon! #Motivate #Motivate #motivateyourself #motivatedmindset #MotivateMe #motivateothers #motivateu #motivatedanddriven #MOTIVATES #motivatedmonday #motivatedbyfear #MotivateEachOther #MotivatedMinds #motivater #motivatedwolf #motivate2change #motivatedfitnessgirls #motivatemyself #motivatedaf #motivatedtomillionaire #motivatemiami #motivateyourmind #motivateinspiretoday #motivatedsellers #motivatedgirl #motivatesomeone #MotivatedMom #motivatedfitnessgirl

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