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'You got into Harvard Law?' 'What, like it's hard?' * * * #quotestoliveby #quotes #quoteofday #ellewoods #legallyblonde #whatlikeitshard #motivationalquotes #movies #moviemonday #moviequotes

0 0 Feb 19, 2018

Time isn’t real in the non physical, but it sure motivates the f**k out of us in the physical. We’ve got one part in the spiritual realm and one part on this earth. 🌏 It’s a pretty cool experience, just another day in the never ending, always EVOLVING cosmos. Young and old alike, the soul never changes but the body does. It will be released at some point, and we never know when our time is coming. This is why in human form we’re in a hurry, because time is of the essence, life is now, you don’t want to waste it, it’s precious, and you can’t get it back. This is also why it’s SO damn important to live your truth, to follow your heart’s desires, and to follow your soul calling while in the physical, on this human ride. It’s a sacred, holy gift to be here. It’s a paradox, we come from a place of no time, to a place of all time. The key 🔑 is to KNOW who you are and where you really come from, and then you can transcend the ways of the earth which are illusions, and walk on it, live on it, love on it, and contribute on it. But ALWAYS remember, that you are not your body, you are an Infinite spirit who strapped on a human suit to play the human game. When you know who you are, EVERYTHING shifts. Go all out in this life, it’s a beautiful experience, that our souls come to play. But remember, get it all in perspective, don’t take it too seriously, because in the end, that’s me is an illusion, and IT’S ALL JUST A RIDE. 🙏❤️🔥🚀

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What’s done in the dark will show in the light. Stay ahead of the game only on! • • • #shoezandmore #onlinepublication #motivationalquotes #motivationmonday #betteryou #personalgrowth #goals officialshoeznmore

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🏃🏽‍♀️ vs. 🚶🏽‍♀️I had to remind myself to stop running towards my goals and walk in the path God has laid out for me! 🖐🏽🖐🏽It’s okay to ZONE OUT and remind yourself why you chose to never give up but remember, God has a plan for everyone. YES even you. 💕 trusting Him gets you further than doing it yourself. I chose to stride(not strive) in the direction He has laid out for me. One step at a time..listening..obeying..and moving. This goes way beyond fitness. This is a way of living. . . . #Latenightworkouts #godsplan #fitnessmotivation #womenempowerment #fitness #focus #stride #motivation #motivationalquotes #lifestyleblogger

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Do your thang Superwoman 💪💥

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Good morning! ❤️ Happy Monday.... please take one 😊💋 #mondaymood #mondaymotivation #dailyquotes #dailyinspiration #dailymotivation #motivation #motivationalquotes #inspiration #inspirationalquotes

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