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🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 This has never been more true. • If you restrict yourself you are basically setting up for failure. Unless you have a specific goal (competition, marathon, etc.) then you're probably on a pretty tight leash. BUT, if you're just trying to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle, DONT RESTRICT! I'm not saying eat 6 cupcakes a week (though I have done that in one day before🤣), but if you have a couple treats a week, YAS! That will keep your mind sane and totally on track. • Oh, and don't forget all that self-love guyssss! • Now, go kill that Friday workout if you haven't already! 😚💨💙💛💚🧡💜 • • • #MotivationRant #IsItCupcakeOClockYet #DontRestrict #PracticeSelfLove #FitFriday #FitFam #LoveYourself #YouDeserveIt

15 1 Sep 7, 2018

I was on a bumpy road. Anyways, here’s some Monday motivation for y’all. The rest of the video is in the link in my bio 🤗 (the rest of the video isn’t bumpy😂😂) #mondaymotivation #motivationrant #motivation #lifelessons #carrides #video #liveyourlife #onelife #followback #nikkilynn

14 8 May 22, 2018

My first-prob of many-belfies 🌟🍑😂 R E A L Talk Today I got down about my progression and how little changes I've noticed. It also doesn't help scrolling through these "perfect" insta girls either. It's SO HARD NOTT to compare yourself to them. You get sad, you think negative about yourself, and you put yourself down with nasty unnecessary comments. In return, it only pushes you father away from progression and your true potential. .. I remembered when I first found sarahdarrellfit , and she truly hit my whole SOUL with her post that still resonates with me today. She talked about comparing chapters. About how you CANNOT compare your chapter 1 or 3 to someone else's chapter 8 or 10. It's an unrealistic expectation that you put on yourself. You forget to trust the PROCESS. You forget to trust, YOU. You spend all this time focusing on someone else's progress that you really only hurt yourself. I do it daily. I sometimes feel as though I'm never going to see the results that I want. But you see, it's the wrong way to go about it all. You have to believe in yourself. Believe that you will get where you want to be because YOU CAN and YOU WILL. If you are doing what you have to do then trust it and trust yourself to get there. Okkkk end rant. Hope this finds someone who needs it tonight. ✨💘 JAN 17 - AUG 17 -YaY me for little 🍑 progress 👊🏽 #motivationrant #believeinyourself #loveyourself #belfie #littlebootiesmatter #progresspic #hardwork #dedication #trusttheprocess

23 7 Aug 9, 2017

I shot some fun stuff today that I can’t wait to share. If you peeped my insta stories, you probably have a clue 💕 I promised myself that this year I would give it my ALL and I can say that up until this weekend I have been. I’ve been consistent with my work and staying true to myself and that’s what matters. As much as this stupid IG algorithm bothers me, I keep telling myself that as long as I post what makes me happy - that’s what I’m gonna do! I’ll only do what feels like makes me happy and posting, creating content, and constantly picking my creative side makes me so happy! I’m a firm believer in ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. And I know that with time, effort, and consistency, my desires are bound to happen. So here’s your little reminder to NEVER GIVE UP. I won’t. Happy Sunday guys! 🌟 Off to edit my motivation Monday vid now ✌🏼 || • • • • • #thelovelylook #sundayfunday #sunnysunday #losangeles #conquerstudios #fblogger #lablogger #blogwithme #blogwithmefam #blogger #latinablogger #motivationrant #happysunday #latina #latinblogger

138 14 Jan 29, 2018

One thing I hear many people say is “they’re too tired” too tired to workout, or to eat healthy, or just too tired in general to do anything. What you should be tired of is living average, doing average in school, etc. How can you be tired when all you’ve done is nothing. Ask yourself: are you really tired? Tired of what? You don’t get tired of surfing the internet for 5 straight hours, yet you get tired after studying for 15 minutes? Meme tagging and cat videos are not going to bring out the best in you. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m more than guilty of using this same old excuse especially when it comes to working out and studying. I’ll tell myself I’ll go workout at 5am before clinicals/class, snooze my alarm, tell myself again I’ll go after class instead..but when the time comes I’ll tell myself yet again I’m too tired to go and that I need to study. I then get home and proceed to study for about 8 seconds and take a break for the rest of the day.😓 It’s so easy to slack off because it’s so simple to do, but looking back and realizing wow I’ve done nothing spectacular to make myself stand out from the’s depressing yet motivating 😅✨

865 31 Mar 22, 2018

I've spent most of my life being the "bigger" girl... I mean I was never huge and I'm still not massive as I'm a size 16/18 ... I hate how the media has such an effect on woman and what they should look like... you don't have to be skinny to be fit- obviously I don't want to be this weight and I strive to be thinner... but I'm a zumba instructor... my classes can burn up to 400 calories in a session... it is a mixture of cardio and strength... and I can do it and I'm classed as obsese... I have the stamina and the strength. What I'm trying to say here is that you can be anyone you want to be... short tall fat thin IT DOES NOT MATTER so long as you strive to be the best you can be and don't let the media affect that and your on the right path... I'm happy with who I am but I want to better myself and for me losing weight will help but don't feel pressured just because someone else says it the way you should be... you are amazing... be you... be true ❤️ #motivation #motivationrant #fitness #betrue #beyou #bewhoyouwanttobe #strive #striveforthebest #zumba #instructor #exercise #diet #media #obese #inspire #lift #happy #cambridgeweightplan #newme #striveforbetter #striveforgreatness #dontloseyourself #dontgivein #youareamazing #lifestyleblog #fitnessmotivation #fitness #inspireothers #fitnessblog #cwp #cwpstep2

41 2 Oct 6, 2017

Life rant. ericworre #motivation #motivationrant

2 0 Jan 20, 2017

Never miss out on a challenge! I have learned some valuable lessons recently in my life that have certainly transpired into my Rodan and Field's business. There are different types of people in this world. 👉🏼Some people quit when they realize things might take work and get hard. 👉🏼Some people are content with "good enough." 👉🏼Some people try to find the short cuts. 👉🏼Most of us spend our lives running away from the things we're afraid of. We forfeit our dreams on the altar of fear! And, some people keep going despite the hard, putting one foot in front of the other! You just keep swimming! 🐟 You don't stop, 🏃 you pray through it, 🙏 you lock arms with like-minded people who encourage and motivate you,🤝 and you keep it movin! 👊🏼 The truth is, our GOD wants us to take Risks and do hard things because this gives us the chance to SEE him!🌟 His dream for you is much bigger than breaking even! The most successful people in this world have failures..some many that you don't actually see or know about. It takes those failures to appreciate the highs! Dr. Seuss' first book he wrote was rejected 27 times before it was published! 27 times!!!😱 He joked that he was on the way home to burn the book when he bumped into an old classmate who ended up introducing him to the publisher. Coincidence or GRIT? Google GRIT.😁 So, this leads me to why I'm posting this...when my leaders put a challenge out there each month, I go for it! You would too if you saw these prizes! #gravytrain I'm always grateful for their leadership and generosity! Thank to one of those generous leaders, Jenni for my new iPad! Who am I kidding, the kids new iPad!😜 Mindset is everything! You can do hard things! The only way to fail is to quit! If your dream doesn't scare you, it's too small! Do you have GRIT? #motivationrant #lifechangingskincare #inspired #yolo #dreambig

16 0 Sep 9, 2017

If you start today, you’ll begin seeing results one day sooner than if you started tomorrow! ☺️💕 Something I’ve heard and also done a lot is tell myself I’ll begin back at the gym on Monday or to start eating clean again on Monday. But why not today? Why not just start now? Why wait? The way I see it is if you don’t feel like doing it today then it just means you HAVE to get up and do it today. Motivate yourself. Discipline yourself. No one is going to do it for you and YOU are the only way you’re going to achieve your goals. ☺️✨ Also, I got a new unicorn llama pop-socket 🦄💕

628 21 Mar 24, 2018

How to find energy to get stuff done. A lot of comes from your attitude and desire to attack what you are doing. #nosmalltime #getjacked #energy #motivation #motivationrant #rant #motivate #hustle #postivity #bepositive #getfiredup

114 2 Feb 23, 2018

M o t i v a t i o n Motivation isn't something that always comes easy, at work, in the gym or in life. But let me tell you something that you probably already know, YOU are the only one that can choose to be motivated. No one can do it for you. There is so much motivation to be found, through those overachievers at work, through instagram "fitspos", through your family and friends. BUT unless YOU decide you want to be successful or you want to change your life, it is NOT going to happen. I get asked where do you get your energy? How are you so motivated? Can you help me be more motivated? I CAN give you the tips and tricks that help me but you have to make the decision on your own or else all the motivation and inspiration in the world won't make a difference. ❕Find a job you love or that challenges you in a good way. If you don't love it, why would you be motivated to excel? ❕Find workouts that you love. Don't love weight lifting? Try something else. Don't love yoga? Try something else. Don't love running? Try something else. ❕Make healthy choices. Hate plain, boring protein and veggies? Make something else. (Check out my meal prep posts, they are far from plain :) shameless plug...) If something isn't bringing you happiness, you won't be motivated to do it. So find those things that make you happy and you won't lack motivation! Elkay Lifestyle Guide - DM me your e-mail for my lifestyle, macro, meal prep, snack and workout tips!! (It's free)

517 47 Mar 15, 2018

As Much Resistance I Had When First Started Working In This Industry, Time Flies And It Has Already Been Three Years. Definitely Learned A Lot In Which I Don’t Know Where To Begin With, And It Gives Me The Flexibility In Time To Do What I Am Most Passionate About. More Importantly, I’m Very Fortunate To Have Met Some Great People In HK In The Last Few Years Be It Friends, Mentors Or Clients. Thank You For Accepting My Naturally, Painfully Shyness & Social Awkwardness, I Am Still Trying To Get Better Everyday 😂 Learn More, Dream More, Be More #motivationrant #suitup

141 6 Mar 23, 2018

🔊 The Most Simple & Best Question To Get You Fully On Track! 🔊 Feeling like garyvee in the #rantmood 💣

77 11 Jul 16, 2017

Never underestimate what you can or cannot do! A little sore knee (maybe more like a very sore knee) didn’t stop me from my workout today although I was a little nervous because I was embarking on leg day... but got in and got it done! My knee stayed in tack and made it through! Had I needed to model day I would have! So don’t let a little soreness stop you from doing something that’ll in turn make you feel just a whole lot better mentally...and maybe even physically! #motivationrant #coachprobs #b4liift4legsliift50

5 0 Jun 22, 2018

I was in a mood for a little #motivationrant so here it goes : You are capable of so much more than you think 💪😙 Believe in yourself and your dreams, don't let anyone or anything hold you back and make you doubt yourself. You have what it takes, you only need to get up and do it! 💕 . . . Wearing nuxactive 💕 #yoga #autumnyoga #Decemberyoga #rooftopyoga #lines #shapes #motivationtuesday

1005 75 Dec 5, 2017

Reading was one of my hobbies as a kid that no matter how bleak or impossible things got at home I could always escape to new worlds. .................................⭐️ Worlds where parents are loving, women are respected and courted, and bad people get what is coming to them. When I grew up the power to change came from the strength I had as a child to see other visions beside what was offered to me. All thanks to books, authors and public libraries. 💕💕💕💕💕💕 . . . . #muchlove #bookworm #readinglist #readersofig #beawesome #happymonday #motivationrant #appreciation #publiclibraries #womenwholift

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