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Dance in the light of the setting sun 🕉 Thursday : 6pm Purna followed by 7:15pm Restorative

16 1 Oct 18, 2018

Got in a good stretch today with yoga. I also love to re-visit the tripod headstand because Im determined to successfully execute any pincha pose. This pose isnt perfect but I feel stronger . . . #fitmom #fitfam #fityoga #yogamom #fitjournal #yogajourney #fitjourney #selfcare #momof6 #yogaismymeditation #moms #fitmomsofig #momswholift #momsthatlift #momstrong #momstrength #moms #trusttheprocess #selftaught #nodaysoff #meditation #fitness #health #mudra #yogi #yogimom #namaste

14 1 Oct 18, 2018

Since day one, you have had everything you need within yourself to achieve your greatest dreams. Embrace the significance of 108 by welcoming the journey of coming back home to your authentic self 🙏💛

63 5 Oct 18, 2018

#extendedpuppypose in #Padmasana or #lotuspose is a cross between #childspose and #downwardfacingdog. It helps to lengthen the spine and calm the mind. It feels great #givitago and enjoy some #animalyoga

9 2 Oct 18, 2018

It's time for #mahagauri - #goddess of #peace and and #light . She provides relief from suffering, and brings blessings of good fortune. She is our #power to fulfill our desires, and our capacity to #transform misfortune into a valuable process of growth. Mahagauri is a maiden goddess. She rides a white bull and wears white clothes. In her four arms she holds a #trident , a #lotus flower, #vara mudra, and Abhaya #mudra . She is named after her fair skin. When #parvati practiced her austerities to try to get #siva to fall in #love with her, she lived in the forest. She slept on the ground and ate from the trees and was one with the #mothernature . Her skin was exposed to the freezing cold snow and to the scorching heat of the sun. Her body was covered in soil and leaves. Her complexion became dark like that of the earth herself. Her darkness is an integral part of her power. The layers of experience and the wisdom gained through a lived life grow in her the capacity to become the most powerful demon slayer of all times. But after a few years of #motherhood , and lots of demon blood, Parvati begins to miss her youth. She is regarded as the most badass motherfucker in the universe, but she is longing to just feel pretty and light. The world cannot survive without the darkness of the goddess. But the goddess needs to fulfill her own desire. So she goes down to wash in a sacred river. Slowly she begins to split into two gorgeous beings - a dark goddess and a light goddess. Because you know what? We need both. On the 8th night of Navaratri we celebrate Durga as our capacity to hold the complexity of who we are. We get to hold our youth through the layers of the passing time. We get to be everyone that we have ever been and everything that we are now. We even get to hold the possibilities of what we are yet to come. We get to be it all... just not all at the same time. But even in our later years, we can find ways to ride a white bull and go out on the town. May we own the power of our darkness. May we bless the world with our presence. May we own our badassness. May we integrate all of what makes us who we are. May we learn to be simultaneously both split and whole

14 2 Oct 18, 2018

Amazing pose • DM for a shoutout!

831 2 Oct 18, 2018

“Human life is meant to be an experience, in rhythm and harmony with the heart, with no missing beat” YB __ HEART CENTRE/CIRCULATORY SYSTEM | Not too late to join me on the mat for 12:15pm class today soulflow_yoga Hour of power focused on the heart centre/4th chakra/the circulatory system blowing open space for profound transformation, protecting the body from disease through the shift in blood chemistry and expanding our electromagnetic field. All welcome ⚡️

10 1 Oct 18, 2018

J'étais loin de me douter qu'enseigner le Yoga m'apporterait tant de joie✨ Lorsque j'ai débuté mon parcours yoguique il y a 17 ans, je l'ai fait pour répondre à un besoin spécifique d'un centre sportif pour lequel je travaillais. J'ai appris à enseigner un yoga "sportif" axé presque exclusivement sur le corps physique. Près de deux décennies plus tard, cet art millénaire m'a apportée une meilleure connaissance & acceptation de moi, une meilleure gestion de mes émotions, une plus grande compassion pour tout ce qui vit, et il m'enseigne, encore, comment vivre mieux. En pratiquant & en enseignant, j'apprends chaque jour et je jouis d'une vie plus connectée à tout ce qui m'entoure mais aussi tout ce qui m'habite. Gratitude pour cette voie que j'ai prise inconsciemment et qui magiquement me fait vivre en conscience💟💟💟 #intuition #consciousness #beopen #followyourheart

8 2 Oct 18, 2018

Curso Sanando Ciclos cerrando ciclos 2018 Apertura de nuevos 2019 con amor y abundancia Fluyendo hacia lo que quiero Iniciamos Miércoles 21 nov 7pm-9pm 3 sesiones los miércoles Llega a donde quieres y Autorealizate,desbloquea y abre tu camino en este taller Vivencial donde realizaras las mejores terapias energéticas y espirituales para soltar el pasado y abrir las puertas del futuro whatsapp 3312667582 $400 cada sesión Aparta tu lugar #constelacionesfamiliares #gestalt #radioestesia #reiki #sanacion #Pendulo #perdón #reconciliación #mantra #mudra #mindfulness #qigong #cuarzos #meditacion #descodificacion #yoga #pachamama #concienciauniversal #energiacuantica #amor #cuarzos #bioenergetica #energia

11 1 Oct 18, 2018

Recorriendo el barrio en donde vivo, conectando 🙏🌱🍃 Me siento en mi centro interior, autónomo, como único señor en el interior de mi mismo, pero también con la consecuente soledad, porque soy yo solo quien tiene que tomar en último termino mis decisiones. (Libro: Como ser si mismo, autor: Ismael Quiles A.J). Shanti, shanti, shanti 🙏🌌 #shanti #paz #felicidad #naturaleza #barrio #casa #decisiones #centro #interior #simismo #consciencia #atención #color #testigo #prana #hogar #vida #primavera #ser #simismo #verde #tierra #conectando #respirar #mudra #posturadelloto #padmasana #asana #estabilidad #alineación #caminata

8 0 Oct 18, 2018

This mudra invokes Saraswati, goddess of learning, literature and music. You can celebrate her during these last days of Navaratri by joining us via FB Live: 8-9p Eastern tonight, 6pm Eastern tomorrow . . #mudra #navaratri #tantra #chanting #kirtan

5 0 Oct 18, 2018

TWO MORE SLEEPS TILL..YREST: Yin & RESTORATIVE YTT. 🧘🏼‍♀️💜 . . An Intro to Yoga Therapy and a starting point for Trauma and Life-Sensitive™ teaching, this 8 day PART-TIME training offers more than the average Yin Yoga Training. Examine the myriad ways of incorporating BOTH YIN AND RESTORATIVE YOGA POSES IN ALL CLASS TYPES. Develop and mature an existing understanding of classical yin yoga and learn the differences, similarities and advantages of mixing both yin and restorative poses in one class. No longer teach from a “one size fits all” approach to yoga. LINK IN BIO!!🧘🏼‍♀️ . . Develop Visionary Teaching through Intuitive & Biodynamic Practice and explore the deeper three practices of Meditation, Mudra and Mantra. 🦋 . . WHAT'S INCLUDED 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 . . 🌍Learn the difference between Yin and Restorative Yoga 🌏Learn how to and why you might teach a mix of yoga styles (Yin, Restorative, Kundalini, and Long, Slow, Deep, SLOW YOGA, MELLOW FLOW) 🌍Bio-mechanical A&P and Energetics thru Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial Meridians & Biotensegrity, Shiatsu & TCM 🌎Pranayama, Mudra and Meditations including Yoga Nidra for physical and emotional wellbeing 🌏Communication, relationship and listening skills 🌎Understanding the Ethics, Importance and Relevance of Intimacy within the class setting 🌍A review of the myriad poses and how to appropriately prop for ALL body types and needs 🌎Philosophy related to healing on ALL levels 🌏Business of Yoga Therapy 🌎Developing Intuition thru Biodynamic Practice and Visionary & Therapeutic Assists in Yoga 🌎An Introduction to Pain and Orthopedic Evaluation Techniques 🌏Listening thru Sensitive Touch and with the Intuitive Eye 🌍The Ethics of Touch within the scope of practice 🐛🦋 . Part-Time Weekends STARTS THIS WEEKEND!! LINK IN BIO!! 🔮 . . #restorativeyoga #yinyogateachertraining #yogateachertraining #sydneyyoga #kundaliniyoga #slowyoga #mellowflow #meditation #yoganidra #mantra #mudra #pranayama

8 0 Oct 18, 2018

If we connect the breath to the movement and listen to the voice inside, we learn all that we need to know. The trick is to take these lessons off the mat. We learn to be conscious. Little bits of us awaken each time we practice. We then can take a seat anywhere- even on the top of the red rocks of Sedona-and connect with the joy of knowing. 🌿🌿🌿🌿Join me THURSDAY AT 5:15! POWER HOUR!!🌿🌿🌿🌿It’s a heated challenge of linking breath and movement. You will learn a little bit more about yourself. 🙏🏼🌿 #mindandsoul #fernfirmations🌿 #yoga #vinyasa #flow #positiveaffirmations #8limbsofyoga #yoga #shusumna #sukasana #mountains #sedona #breathe #dancer #mudra #smile #joy hotyogahome lululemon mandukayoga yogajournal yogaalliance sunsentinel pompanobeach.fl

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