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Do you ever hear a song, catch a glimpse of a facial expression in the mirror, or smell a familiar scent—and are automatically transported back to a previous version of yourself? * That happened to me tonight on my drive home from barre class. I heard an old Sublime song, and after belting it out alone in my car, I couldn’t resist shuffling through every Sublime song on my phone the whole way home. * Music always reminds me of different stages of my life. Sublime, along with many other bands and singers, remind me of the ‘me’ before kids. The ‘me’ who moved to Hawaii for a semester with her best friend (where this picture was taken.) The ‘me’ who was always up for an adventure. The ‘me’ who had a solid circle of friends who she always prioritized really high on her list. The ‘me’ who had so many dreams, so many goals to accomplish, so much fun to have. * Tonight, listening to these songs from (basically) a previous life, reminded me that there’s some of that ‘me’ still in this me. I don’t *just* have to be ‘Mom’ in this stage where the ‘Mom’ part of me dominates my everyday. I can also nurture the other parts of who I am. * I can be the ‘me’ who likes to workout, who is up for adventure, who wants to laugh and have fun, who makes time for friends, who wants to try something new that has nothing to do with my kids or being a mom. * I always want to be a good mom, that’s for certain. But I also want to be a good ‘me’. * Was grateful for the reminder tonight. ✌️✨

10 3 Jul 18, 2018

👯‍♀️. . #MyGirls #HoustonNightLife #IndustryNight

5 0 Jul 18, 2018

Attempting to get both girls to sleep in their big girl beds in the same room turned into them helping me #bake !!!! Strawberry, marshmallow, brownie kabobs with chocolate drizzle... YES PLEASE! Throw in Harry Potter and the girls passed out on their own and were able to be carried to their beds 😍😂💞 #rogalskiadventures #rogalskigirls #mygirls #family #latenight #snack #delicious #kidswhobake #childhoodunplugged

4 1 Jul 18, 2018

More from adventure day lol #mygirls #wecuteorwhatever #summer2018 #happybirthdaybey 🌊☀️🧡

3 1 Jul 18, 2018

Weekend out with the girls 💃🏼 = Week sick with a cold and chest infection 🤒 tylaholivia ashlee_pattersonx #worthit #mygirls #flatties #workmates #girlsgirlsgirls

10 0 Jul 18, 2018

Моё богатство.. . White Greek Dance Party 2018 #lovefamily #mygirls #happytogether #let'ssmile #hotsummer

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