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100 th Class a whopping 31kgs Down and she gave me a gift 😍😘❤️ Thank you heshani77 . I love it ! Keep inspiring everyone around you, never giving up on your goals and dreams ! #yougogirl #grateful #blessed #thankful #happycustomer #mymotivation #breakthroughstudio

0 0 Jul 18, 2018

My two beautiful babies bring me so much joy, laughter, and love into my life. They are the reason why I push to better myself every day. when I lack motivation I look at them and remember they're the reason why I work hard, to give them the best life possible. Mikka & Dexter 💜💙 #mybabies #mymotivation #myeverythings #crazykids #ilovethem

4 3 Jul 18, 2018

#ajaysumanshukla sir #guest speaker #mymotivation #eksochsandbox

15 0 Jul 18, 2018

You give me life, love, joy, happiness, laughter and make me feel whole. I love you my baby boy 😍😍 #myson #mylove #mylife #myworld #mymotivation #myeverything #happiness #love #joy #myreasontosmile #myreasonforliving #laughter #bodhi #boofhead #maybaby #2017 #2018 #cairns #australia #qld

3 0 Jul 18, 2018

🛑Let’s talk about S....... . . SUPPLEMENTS - Clearly! 😏 my current two faves that I incorporate daily during this cut are the motiv8performance Greens and the new Super Glutamine. . Let’s talk greens 🥦🥒 I still eat LOTS of veggies, and a mixture at that, but a green supplement helps to provide nutrients I might not be getting even with them. Think of it as just a bandaid, not cure all. . PS - the motiv8performance Greens taste amazing 👌🏾! . . Link in my bio for a little discount ⬆️

189 14 Jul 18, 2018

I’m lying here on the floor of another film set (film acting is always glamorous), and thinking to myself: “Holy crap, Jonathan: You and your lovely wife are having a baby in the next couple of months. How crazy is that?!” And it is crazy. And exciting. And something totally new for us. And I’m so thankful that I’m going to become a parent alongside this beautiful, wonderful, considerate human. I mean: Look at our adorable faces side-by-side! How can we not have the most precious, beautiful baby boy? So yeah, that’s my musing tonight. I’m doing what I love - film - but I’m absorbed every minute of the time in between with daydreaming about our little family. Can’t wait for Eli James Everett to join us! #mylove #mylovely #dadtobe #setlife #daydreaming #actorlife #fathertobe #mymotivation #actor

39 0 Jul 18, 2018

As I lie here in bed (I should be asleep smh 😂) reflecting on these last few weeks and all the amazing opportunities I’ve been given, I’ve come to realize that they have been nothing short of amazing. I have seen so much support. People have been sharing my music, my videos, and profile. People have purchased my music and showed me so much support. I even had a total stranger( beautiful soul) speak on my music. She told me that I need to be signed to someone’s label and that people will be buying my CDs in a year🙌🏾🙌🏾. I appreciate all of you and all of your support. This is not an easy career/lifestyle. But when it’s what you love it’s all worth it.. Thank you all for your ongoing support!! I from the bottom of my ❤️ appreciate it all!! #supportiseverything #thankyouforthelove #itscoming #mymotivation #thankyou #wontstop #nothingshortofamazing #tanishasalarymusic

0 0 Jul 18, 2018

Accountability, the glue that ties the commitment to the result 💪🏽 For the record 😒neither one of us wanted to get up when that alarm 🚨 went off this morning (Tbh I was bitter up until like 30 minutes into our workout🧟‍♂️) Buuut, if we want results we gotta recommit and make this an everlasting lifestyle. We have been slacking the past couple months. Not seriously too bad, but not making our workouts a priority. Instead, making them an “if I get around to it today” type of thing. And only getting in a workout or two a week together 👎🏽 But we’ve learned a lot about our relationship the past couple months as well. We’ve learned that working out together is so much more than just exercise. We’ve learned that it’s the catalyst for positive changes and it affects every aspect of our lives. So here’s to focusing on the positive, working together, staying intimate, pursuing common goals and making our health and fitness a priority ❤️✌🏽 #mymotivation #deadlifts #overheadpress

44 2 Jul 18, 2018

Video speed 1.3x . Some days you have it some days you don't. Some days you'll kill it. Some days you won't. . It's going on my third week of having a sinus infection. Let me tell you it's not fun. Endurance sets require breathing something I can't do right now. . I started my workout hoping to kill it. I did 12 muscle ups 12 dips 5 pullups before I ran out of air and gassed out. . I wanted to quit and just go home. . sammyshortstack wasn't having that though and kept me going. 😘 👸🏻 💙 #MyStrength #MyWeakness #MyMotivation What's a beast without his beauty.

8 1 Jul 18, 2018

Day 2 of #fromthegroundup with #lowlunge I am grateful for my daily practice that gives me strength and balance throughout my day. Being grounded is a work in progress for sure. To the hosts yogasophiec eatflowlive lizfair_yoga happybyaudrey sarah.the.yogi To our sponsors liforme yoguhlondon chelseasyoga risingupstronger naturaculina merakalpamalas flyberysport 💚 💛 #fromthegroundup #myyogapractice #thecolorofyoga #yogaforall #yogamom #mymotivation #myjourney #ilovemyaunt #fitnessmotivation #smile #summertime

11 3 Jul 18, 2018

Working hard at this time too 🌙 #goals #lol #mylife #momlife #gymmotivation #mymotivation #feelingbetter

7 1 Jul 18, 2018

Orang yang tidak pernah puas..dan selalu menikmati proses n persaingan yang ada di diri nya.. #myfavoriteperson #mymotivation #zerotobehero #CR7

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