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I spy with my little eye ... #cleaver #eyespy #eyes #gstarraw #chef #love #instachef #picofday

151 10 Mar 21, 2018

Cherry and licorice. I just had to try my new bowl, that I actually made myself at a pottery class, it was so much fun! #ceramics #hantverk #sorbet #lakrits #cherry #glass

89 3 Mar 21, 2018

Falsos ñoquis de borraja, crema de puerros, gamba roja y caviar citrico de nalanscitrus , fotografía de nuestros amigos de benjamin_espana #menudegustacion restaurantesaborea nerea.bescos fernandomartin1209 #experienciasaborea #foodlove #mymuybuenochefs #cheftalk #seguimosdandoguerra #seleccionespañoladecocinaprofesional

79 2 Mar 21, 2018

Writing down a food list for this sunday ''eat and meet🌶🌶🌶" Party. This dish #扣肉 I love to cook it again for 20 friends. #Kourou is made with dried mustard leaves, pueraria, pork, Pak choi, wine etc... #i'mhosting 🍳🍸. . . Spezielles Essen aus meiner Heimat: getrocknete Senfblätter, Pueraria, Schweinefleisch, Pakchoi, Wein usw. Ich freue mich auf Sonntag Food Party 😍.

141 5 Mar 21, 2018

What are your weekend brunch plans? We know what they should be...🍳

58 2 Mar 21, 2018

Creating a Dish This really isn’t as hard as it appears. You know all about what flavours work, you’ve been eating food your whole life. There are hundreds of classic combinations and they’re established for good reason. This is a great place to start. Trying to be original should not be your focus, chances are you’re already late to the party or disappointment is looming. Instead of trying to discover an elaborate new flavour combination, try to think out of the box with your ingredient choice and how it is prepared and presented. Ask yourself, if I can present a carrot in 100 different ways, why I’m I batoning every time. Protein, Starch and Veg is not mandatory. The selection of ingredients available to us at present is mind blowing, take advantage of it Finding harmony is essential. Imagine your dish as a counter balance scales, with the different textures and flavours battling it out on opposing sides. A dish that brings enough sweetness to put a diabetic in a coma or has all the texture of a jar of baby food is not going to please anyone. I always attempt to achieve balance in these areas, work towards how the dish eats as a whole and you won’t go far wrong. Pictured below is one of my favourite dishes, simple ingredients and techniques working perfectly together Lamb • Leek and Potato

144 4 Mar 21, 2018

We are on a seafood diet. We see food and we eat it! Photo: onezoneapp

91 4 Mar 21, 2018

Crispy beef shin • onion petals • smoked aubergine

54 3 Mar 22, 2018

Sometimes you have an outside the box idea, one you know will work but you just need to find the path to get there. This is one of those moments. chefdansg knew that he could make lamb work with ice cream, he just needed to work out exactly how. Lamb and ice cream, take a bow chef looks stunning! #foodillusionsclothing

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