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Our beautiful customer samma_may showing us how to do your Morning Edible MUD! Mix Edible MUD into your smoothies, juices or smoothie bowls. Alternatively just mix 5gm with water, and drink daily.  Edible MUD assist with removing toxins, and helps to balance bacteria in the digestive tract and can also help to ease with symptoms linked to IBS. Have you tried it yet? #clearasmud

84 7 Apr 20, 2017

Because your mornings should be spent with MUD. madhickey enjoying her morning routine of 5gm of Edible MUD, mixed with water - for a daily detox tonic. Edible MUD, can absorb toxins found in the body, due to it's magnetic charge. When hydrated, the charge is activated and the negatively charged Edible MUD attracts the positively charged toxins, and binds to them. Then extracts them from your body. It can also assist with bloating, and other IBS symptoms. It also balances the bacteria in the digestive tract and can assist with other digestive issues. Pre-Order your Edible MUD now via the link in our bio! #clearasmud #ediblemud #mudrecipes

73 2 May 7, 2017

✨Because something new is coming - be prepared to feel fresh as f*ck ✨ We believe in the true meaning of detoxification: to remove toxins. Whether that be from the body, or from the environment. We've developed a new product and removed the chemicals. 💃🏻 We use it every day and it's a game changer for us. We could not be more excited to share it with you all! So sign up to our newsletter at to be the first to hear about it - and to win our new product! We know you'll love it as much as we do. Caitlin and Rosie xx #clearasmud #freshasfuck #myultimatedetox #detox

42 3 Aug 24, 2017

Because it's time to give your guts some MUD luv. Just like our babe tarrrynlouise. Even though we've SOLD OUT! 😱 Our Edible MUD is available for preorder! 💃 Edible MUD can assist in detoxifying your body and neutralising bacteria in the digestive tract. IT can absorb heavy metals and other toxins in the gut and can help with bloating, gas, and other IBS symptoms.  Mix it into your juices, smoothies, or just drink it with water for a detox tonic. Now all we need to do is make it work in a cocktail.... brb. #clearasmud

94 4 Apr 28, 2017

Because we're getting ready for the launch of a brand new product this week! Have you signed up to our newsletter to be the first to know? We have a feeling you'll be needing it, after the amount of chocolate and hot cross buns consumed over this long weekend.   #clearasmud #detox

97 5 Apr 17, 2017

Because ang_roan is an Edible MUD lover! Bentonite Clay can neutralise bacteria in the gut and assist in alleviating digestive issues This means Bloating, and other digestive symptoms. Edible MUD can be added to your juices, smoothies  or just drunk daily with water for a detox tonic. #clearasmud #ediblemud #detox

49 3 Apr 27, 2017

Introducing.... EDIBLE MUD! 100% Food Grade Australian Bentonite Clay. Yep - that's right, we want you to eat MUD. Call us Clay-zy, but we think you're going to love it. Love your guts, and detoxify with Edible MUD - Our Australian Food Grade Bentonite clay has a powerful negative charge. When hydrated, this negative charge has the ability to absorb the positive charge found in toxins and binds to them, this is how toxins are extracted. Click the link in our bio to find out more! #clearasmud

85 11 Apr 18, 2017

Our girl lexikeelan covered herself in Mud for our latest review. Use the link in the bio to find out what she thought about mud_co original detox bath and body mask

56 1 May 18, 2017

When _falconcara_ tries your new product, loves it, and then takes an epic snap like this 😍❤️ it may look weird, but I swear it has no taste and so many health benefits. 💃🏻

96 7 Jun 1, 2017

Because we are super excited to be featured on theleaguewomen blog today! Read all about how we started MUD on their Member Monday blog #clearasmud #hustle #mudlyf . . . . #business #entrepreneurship #girlboss #work #love #joblove #mud #myultimatedetox #detox #detoxbath #claybath #loveyourguts #ediblemud #freshAF #fresh

65 7 Oct 9, 2017

Because thegoodnesscollective know how to rid your body of toxins in style - with an Edible MUD mocktail. Mix a teaspoon of Edible MUD, with Coconut water and apple juice, to create a delicious detoxifying beverage.  #clearasmud #edibleMUD

71 1 Apr 18, 2017

Because our babe benigrimaldi knows how to start her mornings right - with Edible MUD! When mixed with water, Edible MUD has the ability to absorb toxins in your body and in the gut.  A good source of Magnesium and Iron, it's perfect for your overall wellbeing. It's time to eat MUD - Pre Order on our website now. #clearasmud #ediblemud

60 3 May 1, 2017

Because have you tried the new Lemon and Turmeric Detox Balls made by raw_galore? Made with our new product #EdibleMUD and _goldengrind_! Absolutely delicious, with amazing health benefits! #clearasmud #mudrecipes #rawgalore

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