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Thanks to my mates at foodmatters for the care package for our son Harry. Loving his muscle shirt! #gratitude #foodmatters #adelaide #leukemia #health #healing #naturopath #naturopathicmedicine #bravekid #courage #stillsmiling #family #friends

5 1 Apr 27, 2018

If you’re in the NYC area, come join us today for a social event. We’ll have some food, enjoy happy hour, talk about naturopathic practice in NY, appreciate the weather, all kinds of stuff. Hope to see you there! #nyanp #naturopathicmedicine #naturopathicdoctor #ilovends #tgif

7 1 Apr 27, 2018

INTRODUCING THE NADA ACUPUNCTURE PROTOCOL FOR ADDICTION AND DETOXIFICATION WITH DR. BERNALES ___ Acupuncture has been shown to be an effective adjunctive therapy to support weight loss, detoxification,anxiety, PTSD, smoking and substance cravings ___ Auricular (ear) acupuncture, also known as acudetox or the NADA (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association) Protocol involves the insertion of one-time use sterile needles to designated points in each ear. Benefits reported by patients include an improved sense of well being, relaxation, more energy, less anxiety, reductions in cravings and more optimism about detox and recovery ___ Depending on whether your goals are to lose weight, quit smoking, reduce anxiety and irritablity, the NADA Protocol is most successful when combined with other treatments as part of a comprehensive detox program. Call to book your appointment today! ___ Call 604-630-5813 ___ #mediworks #naturopathic #wellness #healthy #natural #yvr #yvrliving #vancity #vancityhype #vancitybuzz #naturopathicdoctor #naturopathicmedicine #acupuncture #fertility #womenshealth #acupuncture #addiction

41 1 Apr 27, 2018

Go-go-yoga-arms! You guys...twice a week (sometimes 3x) and for only one month. Don’t hate on the strength of yogis just ‘cause we #om . . . . . #fitnessmotivation #yoga #fitgirls #strongwomen #strongisthenewskinny #muscle #workout #westcoastbestcoast #naturopathicmedicine #fitnessfirst

27 2 Apr 27, 2018

Found this gem with the kids on a walk today. There’s something so magical about finding eggs like this. I hope the sweet baby bird is ok. Got me thinking of women’s health. Although this theory has been challenged, the prevailing belief in science is that we actually hung out in our grandmas’ wombs, since when our moms were 20 week old fetuses chillin’ inside grand mama, her eggs - (future us) developed. 🤯🥚🥚🙏🏻To think: our lifestyle choices and experiences could affect our grandkids to this level 🌈🥚🙏🏻🤯🤯Treat your ovaries well ladies! #eggs #ovaries #womenshealth #hormonebalancing #cleanliving #science #maternalfetalmedicine #naturalmedicine #integrativemedicine #naturopathicmedicine #functionalmedicine #holistichealth #pregnancy #naturopathicphysician #saltlakecity #utah #isyourmindblown #nutrition #vegan #paleo #plantbased

30 1 Apr 27, 2018

I had a nice pic of cauliflower so I had to give you a tip along with it. Insoluble fibre: acts as a bulking agent and helps food pass faster through the digestive system. This makes cauliflower an ideal pairing for denser proteins like steak. That will be one like please.

50 5 Apr 27, 2018

Check out our services and our new website. Easier to book. Easier to find the information you’re looking for. #naturopathicmedicine #northvancouver #massagetherapy #vitaminivtherapy #acupuncture #aesthetics #biopuncture #holisticnutrition #counselling

20 1 Apr 27, 2018

Between you & me ..I already knew this AVO + MANGO smoothie bowl was going to be bomb! 🔥 This combo + a bit of lime juice 👌🏼 taste buds were loooving it! #SmoothieBowl #Detox

46 5 Apr 27, 2018

Spent the evening with these amazing docs for an amazing cause! I feel so blessed to get to be in the presence of such greatness and to be striving together for one common goal......helping people. Makes my heart so happy ❤️❤️❤️ mignosa_medicine_movement dr.jay22 eringattuso livv_natural . . . . #naturopathicmedicine #changinglives #teriinc #autismawareness

21 1 Apr 27, 2018

We are honored to accept “Best of Chandler Naturopathic Clinic 2018” Award. Thanks to our awesome patients for valuing our care. We value you! #naturopathicdoctor #naturopathicmedicine #naturopath #integrativemedicine #loveourpatients #medicalteam #gratitude

8 1 Apr 27, 2018

TWO YEARS AGO I WOULD’VE SAID NO . But this year I said yes. . I am currently sitting in a van with 3 of my friends, with another 3 in the van behind us. . And another still joining us in two days time. . Surfboards on the roof. . Bags in the back. . Winding through roads on our way to Batu Karas in Java. . 8 friends. 10 days of surfing (…and working, cos #online). . Java is the main island of Indonesia. . All bar one of us are longboarders and Batu Karas is said to be one of the best longboarding waves in Indo. . And a right hander which is awesome news for me! . (to do with the way you face the wave or not) . I’ve just been snacking on some things we bought on the side of the road. . No idea what. . But it was kind of like a spicy version of a prawn cracker. . I don’t know what the food is going to be like when we get there. . It’s pretty remote. And I’m imagining rather basic. . But I’m not scared. . Two years ago I would’ve been freaking out. . …or maybe not because I probably wouldn’t have said yes to coming in the first place. . A whole ten days of food that I would have not very much control over? . Not having my own kitchen to cook in? . No western supermarket to buy “safe” food from (ie chicken breast)? . …ten whole days of having my eating habits exposed? . Two years ago I would never have come. . Instead I would’ve stayed at home. . Again. . And missed out on life. . Again. . Two years ago was right about the time I was diagnosed with SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth). . I was not doing well. . The only things I could eat without going up a dress size overnight were chicken and eggs. . So chicken and eggs I ate. . I was really ashamed. . I felt like my body was broken. . I hated looking myself in the eyes in the mirror. . I was so embarrassed. . So having all this exposed for ten whole days? . I would’ve said no. . I would’ve said no to an awesome adventure and time spent with friends. . Two years ago I was also saying no to eating out at restaurants. . I was also saying no to dates. . In fact, I was saying no to pretty much any social event that involved food. . I was saying no to life. . ...cont in comments...

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