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It's a New Moon in Capricorn today and the last Moon before a new range of eclipses start. Those will bring on an energy of their own but for this Moon, the energy will be more focused and driven. It's a great time to map out the year and set some goals. The New Moon is the end of a cycle and the time to set intentions and plant those seeds. January is full of energy and so is this New Moon. It will feed those intentions and goals and the Universe will help them grow. This is the best time to make a fresh start and begin a new project. Money and security are the themes for this year. If it's an area in your life that could use a little guidance set your intentions with the moon. Do some self care. A warm and calming bath or even a New Moon Ritual. Here is one from that involves crystals, some sage and a journal. Dream big! Nothing is out of reach! Happy New Moon! 🌑🌘🌗🌖🌕🌖🌗🌘🌑 #newmoon #astrology #manifest #wordsofwisdom #wordstoliveby #settingintentions #goals #msothyogi

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Awww yeahhhh. The moon 🌙 is in my sign tonight -- Capricorn ♑️! It's the first new moon of the year and it's a gooder. The new moon in Cap means this is the perfect time to realign yourself with your goals. The mountain goat is all about climbing towards your dreams. Get grounded tonight and state your intentions for what you want to accomplish this year. If you feel a pull to get super ambitious and driven today with a certain project, go with that feeeeling. I've always felt more pulled towards the energy of the moon (might explain my two lunar tattoos), and it can be pretty powerful if you align with its cycles to work on all aspects of your life. Now, It's time to get clear and get shit done. Climb that mountain, climb! 🌕💖

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RAHAJENG RAHINA TILEM SASIH KAPITU🙏🙏🙏 . . . #bali #culture #haritage #temple #prayer #blessed #hope #god #newmoon #family #proudtobebalinese #worlds #thankyou

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Capricorn New Moon today 🌑♑💜 . Because the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, and Pluto are all aligned in the earthy sign of Capricorn today, the grounding energy is extremely potent. This New Moon is all about working hard, and leaping forward in a direction that is in alignment with our highest good. Capricorn is very practical, so this may not be the best time to make sudden and rash changes. Instead, begin planting seeds for the future. Making small shifts will be much more effective right now, rather than taking giant leaps of faith. We are all feeling very ambitious right now! Don't be afraid to put all those plans into action, this is the best time to do so. Our manifesting powers are heightened this year and when we combine that fact with the determined energy of Capricorn, and we are literally unstoppable! Thanks for reading my friends! Namaste 🌑♑💜 . 👽

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Happy New moon 🌚 Today’s new moon leds a blue moon and lunar eclipse. Luna is giving off some amazing manifesting energy. Today is the day to eat clean, be mindful of your intentions and set them. Later tonight I’ll share what my ritual is for tonight’s energy. 🌚🌀 #newmoon #manifest #dream #energy #mystic #healer #hedgewitch

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Yes. Happy new moon! Thank you the_moondeck for these stunning images and #consciousness #newmoon lovelivelocal #lovewarrior #peace #loveallserveall

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Happy new moon day! New moons are all about releasing anything that doesn’t serve you up until this point- constructs about yourself and the world that surrounds you, beliefs and emotional patterns that keep you stuck or trapped. After you do this, think about the kind of growth you want to achieve this year and ways to get there. Capricorn is always growing and building, so it’s a great day to call to mind steps to get to the top of the staircase without compromising your value system. #newmoon #capricornnewmoon #laluna #moonphase #astrology #meredithsluckystars #aries #taurus #gemini #cancer #leo #virgo #libra #scorpio #sagittarius #capricorn #aquarius #pisces

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Happy New Moon! 🌑♑️ Today we are blessed with a powerful New Moon to help us tackle those big goals. Use this cosmic momentum to make progress towards manifestation. . Body: The nine of wands is reminding us to make sure we are listening to our body and what it needs. If you have been rushing or feeling tensed lately, it is time to slow down and make some changes. Make sure you are keeping hydrated and if you want to change your eating or physical routines, stand your ground and stay focused. But most importantly don't forget to relax. Try a new yoga class, do chakra balancing meditations, dance, move your body, do something fun. What may be distracting you? How do you handle it when things are stressful or not going as planned? Are you listening to your body? . Mind: Reset your mind to start anew. Release old limitations. Change starts with you and approaching things the same way and expecting different results is not going to happen. Take risks and step out of your comfort zone. Welcome this new chapter with excitement. Develop a plan and be willing to make big and small changes and decisions that will help you stay on track. We don't need to have all the answers, just trust yourself. In what area do you want to make a change? If you could do anything now, what would it be? Have you been apprehensive to leave something behind? . . Soul: Trust that you have the inner strength to manifest your goals and do the work that you need to do. Take time to do soul searching and what you need the most now. What are your strengths? What can you do for your soul to grow best? . Advice: The King of Cups is all about emotional maturity and control. Take a practical approach and don't let emotions change your attitude. It's best to stay grounded and don't take things too personal. Balance in all areas and maturity are key to success. Direct your energy to what you want to manifest and let it flow. Be generous with your love and kindness to yourself and others. . . . . . . . . . . Deck: #paganotherworldstarot 🌑✨ . #tarot #tarotreadersofinstagram #newmoon #sacredspace #spiritualvibes #spiritual #positivevibes #goodvibes #instagood #intuitivereading #bodymindsoul #crysta

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Day 20 : VI of Swords This is a card of forward movement, both intellectually and physically. It signifies a passage from difficult time towards an increased sense of inner peace. There may be a lingering sense of sadness about leaving the past behind, but this is tempered by the knowledge that the future holds hope and the promise of regeneration. #dailytarot #tarot #tarotcards #tarotreading #chakrahealing #newmoon #freetarotreading

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#Underthundermountain #newmoon

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Yarın Güneş ve Ay da dahil olmak üzere 6 gezegenin Oğlak burcunda yer alacağı önemli bir Yeni ay gerçekleşecek. Haliyle bugünlerde Oğlak burcunun simgelediği gelenek ve görenekler, kurallar, hiyerarşi, ciddiyet, disiplin, kontrol ve kısıtlamalarla ilgili konular öne çıkıyor. Yeniaylar yeni kararlar ve başlangıçlarla ilgilidir. Oğlak Yeniayı bugünlerde vereceğimiz kararlarda ve atacağımız adımlarda uzun vadeli düşünmenin, sabırlı olmanın, ciddi emek vermenin ve çabalarımızın karşılığını hemen beklememenin önemli olacağını gösteriyor. Oğlak toprak elementinden bir burçtur ve boş vaatlerle, duygusal söylemlerle değil somut, pratik ve herkes tarafından kabul gören, onaylanan sonuçlarla ilgilidir. Olumlu yanıyla bu dönem gerçekçi ve uzun soluklu projelere, kalıcı işbirliklerine ve ilişkilere sağlam bir temel atmak için ideal duruyor. Öte yandan Ay’ın Plüton ile kavuşup Yeniaydan hemen sonra ışığını Venüs’e taşıması önümüzdeki günlerde özellikle de ilişki ve ortaklıklarda fazla mantık, kontrol ve takıntı içeren davranışların bırakılması gerektiğini söylüyor. Zaten Koç burcundaki Uranüs’ün Yeniay’a sert kontağı da ilişki ve ortaklıklarda fazla kuralcı, statükocu, planlı ve baskıcı davranmanın ani tepkiler ve kopuşlar yaratabileceğine işaret ediyor. Size huzurlu bir Yeniay diliyoruz. #astroloji #astromood #yeniay #oglakburcu #astrology #newmoon #capricorn

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DARK MOON/NEW MOON January 16 (6:17 pm PT) is aligned with a hidden and mysterious realm of the heart. Initiating an important transformative cycle in relationships and personal power, this new moon inspires new understanding of the needs and desires of others and of yourself. The new moon is conjoined VENUS the planet of love. Since last month Venus has been traveling though the burning realms of her exterior combustion with the sun. Romantic relationships, friendships and other alliances may reach a turning point, as the queen of love and abundance abandons her throne in the morning sky to travel alone through the hot white fire of the sun. Next month she will reappear as evening star with a new lease on love and desire. In India the new moon will be celebrated as Mauni Amavasya and it is considered auspicious to take a vow of silence at this time. Take a moment for silent reflection. What is your true desire? When is it safe to trust others? The new moon holds an answer in the weeks to come with lessons around openness, commitment, and equality. art by Christian Schloe #newmoon #darkmoon #moon #vedicastrology #astrology #astrologyreadings #jyotish #venus #yogainspiration #shivashakti #yogalife #consciouscouples #interpersonalskills #horoscopes #astrologyconsultant #vedicmeditation #tantrayoga #divinefeminineenergy #zodiaccouples #wellness

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Favorite piece in the highmuseumofart | Dragon (Drache) • Anselm Kiefer. | there’s something magical about the moon and stars •|| - - - - - - - - #thedivinepurpose #highmuseumofart #love #artwork #atlanta #starconstellation #moon #capricornmoon #newmoon #perserverance #determination #manifest #goodvibesonly #goodthingsarecoming #atlantablogger #blogger #blackgirlmagic #browngirlbloggers #blackbloggersunited

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Today's New Moon is here with two important energetic gifts. One, the strength you need to step into the YOU you want to be and, two, the grounding you need to remain connected to the wisdom of your heart as you step into this truest version of you. New Moons are always a potent time to plant seeds and state intentions for what you want to bring forth and grow. Write down what that YOU looks and feels like - what she does and how she spends her time. As you connect with her, trust and ground into the wisdom of what this truest version of you looks and feels like. This new moon is sharing an invitation for something that has the power to truly last. This moon is about inviting transformation. The way to step into this successfully, is to get clear on what you want and then be consistent with taking one bite-sized action step at a time to get there. This is about staying connected with yourself and engaging in practices that support you to do so. If you're ready to plant seeds at this fertile time, that will support you to step into action toward your truest self and want some additional support so that the change truly lasts, then check out link in profile to join me and 29 Days To A New You - registration just opened. It begins with the Full Moon on January 31st. #newmoon #strength #grounding #truestyou

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Distance is irrelevant as energetic vibrations are felt. #everythingisenergy 💫 Take the time to go within the silence of your being and take inventory on what is truly going on inside of you as it is reflecting without🔥 Contemplate on what your heart and soul is expressing to you 💞 Today is a great day to reorganize your thoughts as you are planting your seeds for the future. #newmoon #thinklessfeelmore 🌹 . . . . . #goodmorningworld #energy #energyhealer #reikimaster 🙏 #lifecoach #world #montreal #empower #men #woman #peacelovelight #healing #spirituality

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New Moon in consistent grounded hard-working Capricorn 🌙 Today we're re-connecting to our New Year intentions and picking cards for divine guidance🔮 • 'Appoint yourself the CEO of your life and begin crafting a master plan'~The AstroTwins #newmoon #capricorn #intentionsetting #freshstart #inspiration #guidance #mindfullness #yogaretreat #yogalife #yogalove #magic #manifestation #abundance #clarity #yogini #islandlife #thailand #kohphangan #crystalisland

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