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THE GHOST MONUMENT Honestly the trailer for this episode didn’t make this episode standout. It just looked regular and it didn’t give out anything specific about the episode. Here’s my review. RYAN I like how Ryan’s disorder isn’t completely forgotten and mentioned over and over again. He just mentions a tiny thing that he has a problem with and that’s it. He doesn’t continuously say throughout the episode I hate ladders. He just mentions it once and that’s amazing, I really like how Chibnall is treating Ryan. GRAHAM I’m glad that graham isn’t just a side companion like Danny Pink. When Chibnall announced graham as a companion I just thought he was gonna be another Danny Pink, I was completely wrong. I also love the dynamic between Ryan and Graham. I love that little moment when they were alone and they talked about grace. I feel like throughout this season we will be having a character arc between Ryan and Graham. THE DOCTOR Oooooo it’s clear that Chibnall is trying to set up a backstory for the Doctor and I’m not sure what I think about that. We’ve always known the doctor as the doctor, she/he didn’t need any backstory. This backstory Chibnall is trying to set up might ruin the Doctor’s character or make the Doctor’s character better. THE EPISODE I’m happy that there isn’t any clear monster in this episode. The episode is just a group of people to get to point a to point b. The episode sort of reminded me of a hartnell story, I don’t know why, it just did. I feel like this episode would work really well as a hartnell episode. The episode itself was quite an average episode for an after regeneration episode. Companions get introduced to alien world and companions get introduced to what it’s like being with the Doctor. It’s just a direct copy from what has worked the years before. This episode just seems like such an amazing episode because it’s different from what we’ve had from the Moffat years. It’s like every average episode if you look at it close enough. The only aspect that’s different is that there is no clear enemy and I like that. MORE IN COMMENTS

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The Ghost Monument: Liked it very much, little less sonicing next time. Extra points for the Venusian aikido. #DoctorWho⁠#TheGhostMonument

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Kamelion is back in Doctor Who with three new audios, Devil In The Mist, Black Thursday/ Power Game, and The Kamelion Empire. Only two cover arts have been released at this time. I’m honestly really happy that Big Finish is putting kamelion is the main range.

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Doubling Tosin Cole on the new Doctor Who

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⠀⠀13 doctor ⠀ i'm in love with new doctor😻 ⠀ ⠀[q] — episode 1 or 2? [a] — both ofc ⠀ fic:897 comment '🔥' to be tagged in my next post

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[11.02 The Ghost Monument] #q what do you think of the new TARDIS? ~~ The second episode was so good OMG! I love the new TARDIS so much 😍 On a side note did anyone else watch the new episode of the cry? Because omg. What just happened 😱 ~~ Fc 2325 #doctor #who #doctorwho #davidtennant #mattsmith #christophereccleston #petercapaldi #jodiewhittaker #newwho #classicwho #clara #rose #martha #donna #amy #rory #bill #riversong #billiepiper #jennacoleman #companion #whovian #meme #funny #followme #followtrick #followparty #followforfollow #meme

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[11.02 The Ghost Monument] #q thoughts on the new series so far? ~~ Y’all I have so much homework and no motivation. What a wonderful combination. 🙄 ~~ Fc 2329 #doctor #who #doctorwho #davidtennant #mattsmith #christophereccleston #petercapaldi #jodiewhittaker #newwho #classicwho #clara #rose #martha #donna #amy #rory #bill #riversong #billiepiper #jennacoleman #companion #whovian #meme #funny #followme #followtrick #followparty #followforfollow #meme

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