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11 1 Apr 21, 2018


11 1 Apr 21, 2018


13 1 Apr 21, 2018

msgabrielao via IG story.

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8 1 Apr 21, 2018

(swipe) posting this cause i'm a lil weirded out & confused don't all of these accounts seem very similar? 1) the usernames on each profile are basically the same, just different names, a first name, first letter of a middle name, and a last name, all with periods to space it 2) the names in the bio are the same as the usernames 3) the profile pictures are all pictures that pop up right up when you search "charlie puth" 4) the bios all have a quote that has nothing to do with Charlie 5) none of the accounts actually follow charlie 6) for the most part, there aren't any captions on the posts 7) some of the profile pictures are spaced weirdly 8) these accounts all followed me around the same time 9) they state no where that they're a fan account i followed most of them before i realized this, and then unfollowed them. could this all be just a coincidence? i think not lol • • #charlieputh #puthinator #puthinators #voicenotes #ninetrackmind charlieputh

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10 1 Apr 21, 2018

I am blessed charlieputh

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