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she is... kind thoughtful wise generous smart loving persistent warm faithful perseverant strong loyal patient ...and so much more! (including what's on her shirt) . i love you mom! . happy mother's day! . #nothashtagblessed #actuallyblessed #braveisanunderstatement #mom #mothersday

170 4 May 15, 2017

With a heart full of gratitude, there is no room for discontentment. Remember, it's hard to be hateful when your greatful!!! #thursdayvibes #gratitude #nothashtagblessed #positivevibes #postivethoughts

13 0 Jan 26, 2017

Hi everyone, I'm here at #wondercon where today I've already cried on a street corner in Anaheim and now can't move and I'm currently sitting in the Marriott before stuffing my face on food truck food because my life is hilariously bad today so I give up, universe. I'll take the L for today as long as tomorrow is exponentially better. Thanks to loganrapp for being the best human and buying me this adult beverage. I am here until floor closes at 7pm tonight so if you see me, please say hi! I promise I will be in an infinitely better mood. #vodka #nothashtagblessed #couldsomeonebookmeforwork #please #ineedwork #dgafaboutbeingshameless

36 4 Apr 1, 2017

I didn't know if I'd say anything today or if I should. I thought December 27 would be hard. By God's grace, it's a sad memory. It's crazy to think this time last year we were meeting our son, it wasn't until tomorrow that would change. As most of you know, this story is redeemed and our family was started 4 months later when we were chosen by Joseph's BM. God gave us the desires of our heart and he placed us with Joseph 💙 I know a lot of adoption instas may see this, and for those reading, the wait and the holidays can be hard. Real hard. I read a great blog post about this very issue shared by kristenannjames and it spells it out so well. I posted in my bio. Take heart #wearetheredeemed #wearebeyondblessed #nothashtagblessed Social media can be a soap box, and I don't mean to be. Just hoping to in some way encourage.

111 6 Dec 27, 2015

Our soccer crew this morning. I am truly blessed to be part of this family!!! We have two sets of healthy grandparents. My kids have the privilege of having nana. Ah-gon, mamaw, and papa around all the time. I love that we get to really cherish these special moments together. . . . #myheartisfull #cuprunnethover #blessed #nothashtagblessed #trulyblessed

31 2 Oct 8, 2016

I rarely get heckled, but I've found it's helpful to have comebacks chambered just in case. Next White dude who heckles me is gettin this one: "Sit yo ass down, you Shawn Bradley-lookin muhf*cka!" #burn #sickburn #heckler #standupcomedy #philly #sixers #wasteofheight #nothashtagblessed

8 0 Feb 16, 2017

One Week Countdown until I head off on my backpacking adventures. 📷 second_nature_photography #wunderlust #backpacking #silentretreat #Portugal #saturnreturn #30andfree #solo #payedforbyme #nothashtagblessed #butblessed

162 6 May 10, 2017

Here's the thing. My entire life I have struggled with this being just a couple of blocks from my home. Luckily, my mother would only treat my sister jlarkq and I to a happy meal if we got a good report card or if I was decently behaved at the doctor's office (unfortunately, I still got pretty doughy from all the pasta #complexcarbs..???...). I don't really ever crave #McDonalds burgers or fries but I am a sucker for their breakfast menu and now it's served all day. I am an actor, therefore a late riser. This is not good. #help #nothashtagblessed #tryingtogettobroadway #theneventuallyfilm

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