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Working out doesn’t have to be a drag! Don’t let time get in your way. Let your workout get in times way. 15 mins a day is all it takes #loseweightnow #nowsthetime #dontwait #lose20lbs

1 0 Sep 25, 2018

🤯🤯🤯🤯 #free #shipping until the end of the #month Shipping gratuit jusqu'a la fin du mois!! #dontwait #nowsthetime This never happens!!!

5 3 Sep 24, 2018

#nowsthetime #feelit #feelgood

6 0 Sep 24, 2018

If you haven’t signed up to be a member yet! Here is your chance to get TWO items free? 😱😱 #nowsthetime

2 0 Sep 24, 2018

Happy Fall everyone! Now’s the perfect time for a new mattress - visit a showroom today! 🍁🍁🍂🍂 #fall #newseason #coolerweather #yesplease #nowsthetime

10 1 Sep 24, 2018

Do you know that the Richmond area has a great fall market for buying and selling? I’d love for you to let me help you do either, or both for that matter 🏡 🍁 #rvabuysell #nowsthetime #maisonrealestateboutique

12 0 Sep 24, 2018

Never have I experienced such a level of clean on my face. My pores are almost non existent, my face hydrated, and just the wash feels incredibly luxurious on my face! I actually look forward to washing my face again! You ready for this? + 2000 partners in the company + Founding Opportunity + Double Quick Start Bonuses (ends 12.31.18) + No carcinogenic ingredients. + Products that are Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, Cruelty-Free, Vegan-Friendly and formulated to European Standards + Multiple product lines in the next couple years to come I’m so proud to be apart of a company that is breaking glass ceilings so quickly Who wouldn’t want to be apart of this ride to the top. #bossbabe #nomakeup

15 4 Sep 25, 2018

Fall Challenge starts 7 days!! Will you be the beast who takes home Christmas cash of $500?! #fitnesschallenge #fitlifekc #beastmode #nowsthetime

4 0 Sep 24, 2018

"I'm not a cheerleader. I'm a coach". So inspired by lewishowes podcast with msrachelhollis!!! It's truly my heart's desire to help you see something that you don't see. To help you believe in yourself, to believe you are worthy of happiness, of health, of living your best life!! This is what my coaches have done for me and I'm so ready to help you on your journey! If you're ready to stop living a life stuck in fear and doubt, if you're ready to work to have the body you truly want, or if you're ready to find what makes you come alive...know that I am ready to help you get there!!! Don't stay stuck in fear, there is so much life to live! If you're ready...send me a message, I'd love to hop on a call and see what it would be like to work together!!!

11 3 Sep 24, 2018

Well here it is, my decision as to what workout program best suits me and my goals!!!!! 🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁 ALO, ALMO THEN TO FINISH IT OFF 80DO I got some pretty good results from this program. The only problem was, I had Spring break in the last 3 weeks of this program. Yes I finished, but no how I imagined I would. So it has my FULL ON ATTENTION until Christmas, and I CANNOT BE MORE EXCITED. I was trying to fall asleep last night and couldn't. I kept asking myself what program???? Over & over & over. Until it was like a 💡 went off. DUH. I am looking to build some ABS right?!?!?! I still need to workout on the rest of my body as well, but my CORE needs to be MEGA TIGHTENED AND TONED! For me this has been the hardest to build, and shred by far. But if you think I am giving up YA RIGHT!!!! I have not come this far to just give up on what God gave me. SO AUTUMN AND THE CREW, WHICH I LOVE THEM ALL, I'M COMING BACK FOR MORE. This program right here had me in some big time tears when I finished. It was the most emotionally connected program I have ever done. When Autumn talks to you in these workouts. YES SHE TALKS TO ME😊😊 She knows exactly what goes through a women's mind. Before, during & after these workouts. So when you finish it is SUCH AN ACCOMPLISHMENT!!!! SO HERE GOES AGAIN! I love this program. There's no guessing. Everything is LITERALLY LAID OUT FOR YOU. From your meals, when to drink shakeo, workouts, how to take care of your body, the Epsom salts baths you should take, how much sleep is required, the supplements you need to recover, the water you need to drink. EVERYTHING IS LAID OUT!! I LOVE IT🤗🤗 Like I said this will lead me into Christmas. If you want to be on your way to best shape of your life, nows the time to join my team and I. We start a new group Monday. LIFE CHANGING TO SAY THE LEAST!!!! #80do #autumncalabrese #liveworkouts #timednutrtion #accountability #teamwork #nowsthetime #girlsquad #notpromisedtomorrow #smashtheholidays #lookhotforthenewyear #startnow #now #whatareyouwaitingfor

14 2 Sep 24, 2018

It’s not too late to join a Life Group. We are so much better when we are in circles throughout the week with people who love and care for us. Don’t wait any longer! We are waiting for you and can’t wait to hang with you. Head over to and click the Life Group tag to find a group. #LifeGroups #bettertogether #circlesoverrows #youbelonghere #nowsthetime #friends #relationshipgoals #connected #connection #growth #getbetter #Monday #MondayMotivation

12 0 Sep 25, 2018

What's YOUR profession? ( I’m a full time finance professional & single mom working my R+F business wherever I can fit it in! 👩‍👧‍👦💻📲) Do you love it? (maybe you do... maybe you don’t) Do you have dreams? Want more out of life? Do YOU have a PLAN B? #foodforthought Who do you think sells Rodan+Fields? I knew nothing about Rodan+Fields other than I loved their products....AND that I had this gut feeling this opportunity was something special! Not to mention the dermatologists are the same ones who created Proactiv! And we all know how that went! I LOVE working smarter... on my own terms! You can too! It not complicated and it only takes a “yes”! #LifeChangingSkincare #nowsthetime...seriously #lifechangingbusiness

5 0 Sep 24, 2018

So if you’ve been thinking about this little side gig, this is your sign to join me. Don’t over think it. Do it.👊🏻 #nowsthetime #BIGthingshappening #rocketship #Nerium

7 0 Sep 25, 2018

Good word from Pastor Dwight to kick off the week! Whatever that thing is that you’re discerning, planning, or building, do it with full confidence. . . . #churchleadership #community #cyclicalla #nowsthetime #monday #mondaymotivation #doit

13 0 Sep 24, 2018

FHA home loan! This is one of the most popular loan products out there and also referred to and known as the first time home buyer home loan! With features such as having only a 580 credit score to qualify for it, being able to have your down payment gifted to you, and other unique and helpful features are what makes an FHA loan appealing to many people! Feel like you may be ready to purchase a home soon, then let’s meet and work on getting you pre-qualified so you can head out there with your preferred realtor to find your owned home! 🏡 Let’s make it happen! #Money #Success #Finances #Loan #HomeLoan #Mortgage #Home #Opportunity #WorkHardPlayHard #NowsTheTime #StopWaiting #MakeItHappen #Interest

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