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“Soon, when all is well, you’re going to look back on this period in your life and be glad you NEVER gave up” - #tinybuddha

5 1 Dec 15, 2017

You can never have too many #containers #prep #thursday #npcbikiniathlete #lifeofabikinicompetitor

34 0 Dec 14, 2017

The dog days of winter! Motivation only lasts for seconds so take hold when it comes and remember it takes a lot more than motivation to keep it going #offseason #npcbikinicompetitor #npcbikiniathlete #npcbikini #mua #npc #fitfam #fitness #fitover40 #fitnessfreak #fitnessmotivation

42 0 Dec 14, 2017

Everything I do is righteous 🕇🕆 Betting on me is the right risk♡♡ #humpday #fit #npcbikiniathlete #teambba 💪

27 0 Dec 14, 2017

every time I look in the mirror, I feel more and more proud of my progress😇💪

37 5 Dec 14, 2017

#posingroutine 💎💪

52 3 Dec 14, 2017

2017! Perfect? Hell no !! But full of hard work and success ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I turned the negative into a positive and made things happen . I am already working on 2018 and I’m so ready ! Hard work doesn’t scare me , it’s what I’m meant to do 😚💣 #bodyfactorydelrio #2017 #entrepreneurlife #gymlife #npcbikiniathlete #teampowertrip

107 0 Dec 15, 2017

I love my naps 😴👵🏻

37 2 Dec 14, 2017

Un buen #tbt para compartir... para no olvidar porque comenzamos y hasta donde hemos avanzado. #npcbikiniathlete #bikinifitness #bikinigirl #bikinicompetitor #workouthard #girlwhitmuscle #workoutfit #alwaysmotivation #fitnessmotivation #fitness #ilovemyfitstyle #roselincarrerafitness

86 7 Dec 14, 2017

I did what I call a "Lift Your Motorcycle" leg work out... Hopefully you wont have to lift your motorcycle off the ground in the 2018 riding season. But if you do, this work out will help you strengthen up those leg muscles so they can do the heavy lifting! Here's the workout: Dynamic Warm up - leg swings front & back 3 sets x10 reps, side to side 3x10 - each leg Air squats 2x10 alternate with hip openers (knee up 90 degrees, turn knee out 90 degrees, then bring back down to floor) 2x10 each Hip Thrusts, add weight as reps decrease. I have given the weight I used as guidance, lift at your own strength level. If you are just starting out use a light weight and do 5 sets x 10 reps each set. Warm up set: 1 set x 12 reps-  135lbs Working sets: 1x10 - 155lbs 1x8 - 185lbs 1x6 - 205lbs 1x4 - 225lbs Plie Squat with dumbbell 5 sets x 8 reps - Heavy - Feet wider than shoulder width, toes pointed out. Hold dumbbell Vertical, arms fully extended down, hands cupped around bottom end of dumbbell. Squeeze booty tiiiight at the top! Walking Dumbbell Lunges - 3 x 15 strides each leg, 30 total strides. Smith Machine Split Lunges, light weight 3 x 8-12 reps per each leg Lying Leg Curls - 4 x 8-12 reps, pause for 2 seconds at top Leg Extensions - 4 x 8-12 reps, slow and controlled Don't forget to take a rapid assimilation protein isolate along with glycogen so you don't miss out on the gains from you're hard work! I use 1stphorm Phormula1 & Ignition. If you have questions on the workout email me kkurfman!

71 3 Dec 15, 2017

#throwbackthursday to the shreds a week before Nationals 🔪 . Also just reminding you there is 11 sleeps until Christmas... ELEVEN. Celebrations start this weekend🎄🎅🏽 . COACH: herford_rise #npc #npcbikini #npcnationals #miami #npcmiami #npcbikiniathlete #fitnessmotivation #ifbbbikini #ifbb #bikiniathlete #gymmotivation #fitness #girlswithmuscle #mealpreap #bodybuilding #procardchasing #transformation #fit #competitionprep #embracethesuck #rise #glutes #becauseglutes

76 6 Dec 15, 2017

When people see potential in you, they’ll lift you up, they’ll motivate, cultivate and help guide you along your journey. They support you. But only you can be the one to truly find that potential within yourself, bring it alive, set it in motion. Photograph jtp_photos • • • • • #fitgirls #fitwomen #fit #fitness #fitmom #fitnessinspiration #fitspo #bodybuilder #bodyfitness #bodybuilding #bikiniathlete #npc #npcbikini #npcbikiniathlete #sandiegofitness #bikinicompetitor #muscle #girlswithmuscles #traininsane #gymmotivation #instafitness #fitnesscompetitor

49 7 Dec 15, 2017

#fitfam check out #wanahavit. Use promo code WNHVTNW for 10% off shipping. Super cool and fashion forward clothing for those of us who love looking good while training. #beastmode can still look #haute.

8 2 Dec 14, 2017

Right??!! 🎯 #musclehedz #hughmongus #johngleneicki

35 2 Dec 14, 2017

So what the heck is PHA TRAINING? Read below 👇🏼👇🏼 • Follow ekaterina.lovefit for more training videos! • 🤓 PHA 👉🏼 PERIPHERAL HEART ACTION - combination of cardiovascular and resistance training. It’s similar to a CIRCUIT workout when you move from one exercise to another with minimal to no rest. However, with PHA training you focus on alternating UPPER and LOWER body exercises. • 💛 It forces the blood to quickly circulate through the body, increasing caloric expenditure and theorized to decrease body fat and increase lean muscle mass. • 🔑 Key benefits of using a circuit training system such as PHA include enhancing an aerobic base while simultaneously challenging local muscle endurance. • PHA method is great for: - hypertrophy (6-12 reps/ 4-6 sets/ 60 sec rest) - conditioning (12-20 reps/ 2-4 sets/ 90 sec rest) - power (8-10 reps/ 4-6 set/ 3-5 mins rest). • ❌ Who should AVOID PHA training? People who have problems with blood pressure (low/high) or severely deconditioned individuals. • I’ve been incorporating this type on training lately and I’m in love! Especially when I’m short on time or want to get a challenging sweaty session! Here’s what I personally did but you can choose any exercise you love! Just make sure you alternate upper and lower!) • 🏋🏻‍♀️💪🏼 U: Barbell Shoulder press 20 reps L: Kettle bell goblet squat 15 reps U: Prone Ys 10 reps L: Hip thrust 15 reps U: Prone plank twists 40 total L: Dumbbell Bosu step-up into back lunge 12 each leg I did 3 circuits with 90 seconds Rest. • 🌈 Have you ever tried this? What training methods do you most enjoy doing? Please share I would love to know! • I learned about this while studying for my NASM CPT and finally got to try!!!! Thank you nasm_fitness for reminding!) • Video credit: barskyjacob

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