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Why be average when you can be phenomenal? 💯💪🏼 I’m always trying to be the best version of myself I can be. The gym for me is much more than a place to grow a six pack and look good. For me the gym is a place for self improvement (mind and body). What your body can do depends on what your mind can conceive. That’s also why I enjoy eating healthy food. Food is fuel for the mind not just the body! Eating unhealthy may feel good when you’re eating it, but you never feel good after. Let’s be phenomenal! 🙌🏼 . . . . . #motivation #inspiration #mondaymotivation #healthylifestyle #hardwork #getfit #hustle #choices #fitness #heathyhabits #goals #eatclean #fitspiration #getstrong #instafit #livehappy #nycfit #fitnessmodel #bephenomenal

385 2 Jun 18, 2018

if you aren’t sprinting out of bed Monday morning excited for the new challenges, connections, and experiences that this new week will bring, let’s change that. — what is one thing that you can do to make your Monday a little less stressful or more enjoyable?? for me I like to indulge in my favorite matcha latte and do a fun workout that I love so I have something to look forward to instead of the Sunday scaries

45 3 Jun 18, 2018

[MEDITATION MONDAY] Da fuck Gymberly why do you keep telling us to meditate I thought this was a nutrition and fitness blog! . It 100% is. My goal is to build strength in both the mind and body in a synergistic way- take care of my physical body with fitness and nutrition so that my mind can operate at it's best, and take care of my mindset so that I can accomplish my physical goals. . Meditation builds awareness, which is exactly what many people struggle with in their diet and don't even know it. Cravings, comfort foods, impulsive eating or binge eating all tend to happen when we give into the mind- we know we shouldn't be eating these things but we do it anyway because it feels good. The classic claim, "I have no self control." . Through a regular meditation practice, I learned how to acknowledge, pause, and tune into my body. I didn't start meditating with the intention of helping with food, but I constantly apply the principles I learn to my diet. . By bringing attention to how my brain and body connect, I learned how to make better choices on how to fuel it. I cut back on mindless snacking, I learned to eat intuitively and I got a better handle on my cravings. Food became less emotional and frustrating and much more enjoyable. . Now every food choice I make is intentional- either fuel or pleasure, or sometimes both. I think about everything I eat before I eat it: What purpose is this serving? How will I feel after I eat this? How am I feeling mentally before I eat it? . This didn't happen overnight, meditation takes practice and attention, just like anything else you have to work at it. Start small with a few minutes a day through an app like headspace or simplehabitapp, if you're in NYC, pop into a class at mndflmeditation (my FAV) or incorporate more yoga into your life. . #meditation #mondaymotivation #monday #mindset #motivation #diet #weightlifting #weightloss #weightlosssupport #pn1 #nycfit #nycblogger #healthy #meditate #breathe #girlswholift #nutritioncoach #nutrition #holistic

93 2 Jun 18, 2018

Thank you. Have a nice day. Enjoy the heat NYC. An extension of pull up. I was gassed at this point but you get the general idea. I’ll keep adding more calisthenics as I go. . . . . . . #nyc #eastvillage #nycfit #fitness #wellness #nyclife #fitlife #pullups #calisthenicsmovement #nike #traindifferent #beyourownpro #calisthenics callisthenics_nation

25 4 Jun 18, 2018

happy monday, everyone! it’s my last week before i officially start my new job so i plan to take advantage of my last few days off and get some sun and relax. i’m even thinking of whipping up a batch of these rachlmansfield coconut flour chocolate chip cookies 🍪 that i haven’t made in so long. what do you guys think? should I go for it? 🙃

39 8 Jun 18, 2018

The #InYourOwnSkin campaign from missguided is giving us all the inclusive #LoveSquad vibes this Monday morning. 🙌🏾🙌🏽🙌🏼

257 8 Jun 18, 2018

NYRC invites Ruggers from across the Boros to enjoy Oysters, Beer, and Rugby networking. Players (current + former) Coaches, and Referees are all welcome! It’ll be an evening to connect and get to know your fellow Ruggers. We hope to see there!!!

66 2 Jun 18, 2018

It’s called a Chaise Core party and you’re invited! Party happening 7 days a week 💪💪💪

36 5 Jun 18, 2018

Start the week off Strong. #DoOrDieStrong

48 2 Jun 18, 2018

Running towards the weekend like.... (yes I am well aware it’s Monday) 👋💪🏼

23 1 Jun 18, 2018

Thanks to movementvault for this great picture. Let’s not regress people! Own your shit and work on your posture. As you see people age, look at the way the walk, stand, move....We all can be better. It starts now! #gm #morningmotivation #morning #wakeup #health #caveman *********Lead Your Life********** #nyctrainer #trainerinnyc #crossfit #nycfit #nychealth #uppereastside #niketraining #nychomechef #cardio #fitnessmodel #newyorkcity #hardworkpays #goals #trainhard #leadyourlife #wimhof #nycnutrtionist #leader #nycbarbell #leaderlifefitness #nyccoach

54 5 Jun 18, 2018

Taking a new rope for a spin. Fun with jersey club and double unders. Rope : crossropejumpropes 3 oz infinity #ad ( #JumpRope

20 1 Jun 18, 2018

GAYNZ ARE GAINZ 🏳️‍🌈🙌🏻 #loveislove ______ Pride shirts are here !!!! Stock is LIMITED so get in here now !!!! Tag us and show us how you wear your pride around NYC ❤️🤳🏼 #mysolace #solacenewyork

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