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2 1 Apr 24, 2018

Pulled this picture up to finally finish up my guide to NYC, and it’s giving me all sorts of feels. This month in New York was so hard. I remember the night my brother dropped me off in the city. A city I’d been in before only as a tourist. Always with someone to hold my hand. Always with family. Now all of a sudden I was all on my own supposed to be a grown up and go to work the next day. Our flight had gotten delayed and my brother only had time enough to drop me at the apartment we’d rented out because he had work the next day. To say I was scared, would be an understatement. This is a kid who being the youngest in the family had always been babied. And while I kept telling everyone I would be fine, while I very bravely told my worried father that it would be a piece of cake, right then as Kashif turned and left me with my new roommate, I wanted to run after and make him take me with him. Internships be damned. But I put that brave face up. And faked it, till I made it. And I can’t tell you how proud I was that I’d made it. Made it through Ramadan in NYC, resisting every temptation, barely eating enough because off all the weird timings. Made it living on my own for the first time in my life. Made it while travelling to areas in NY no one should have to travel alone in. Made it through rotating at three hospitals at one time. I made it!! And when I came back, I’d so many experiences in my little bag that it was overflowing. I was overflowing. I’d faced every fear of mine and made it. And till this day it makes me proud of myself for that (I’m allowed to say that right, that I did something that makes me feel good about myself?) Point is, face your fears. You won’t regret it. Special shout out to my brother for not babying me anymore. I needed to grow up. . . . . . . . . #nyc #newyork #travelblogger #ootd #lotd #potd #fblogger #styleblogger #stylist #medstudent #medschoollife #medlife #spring #vacations #chicago #nycphotographer #bblogger #newyorkcity #manhattan

22 0 Apr 24, 2018

This is the miracle. This is not a form of belonging. This is an expression of selfless art. Directed Styled Produced Makeup Hair Set Design by dapperafrika Photo paulmorejon Survivor Healer Writer + Angel mutiyaavision THE DAPPERAFRIKA EXPERIENCE Live Music Wardrobe Creative Direction Artist Development Glam Team Photography & Video Directing Email: dapperafrika #TeamDapperAfrika #dapperafrika #nycphotographer #brooklyn #atlantafashion #atlantaphotographer #nyfw #editorial #nyc #wardrobestyling #redcarpet #dmvstyle #losangeles #photoshoot #individual #menswear #magazine #styleblogger #Oprah #highfashion #trendsetter #Africa #hollywood #fashionweek #streetstyle

19 0 Apr 24, 2018


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