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#OFLAMN Travel Duffel Bag This multifunctional duffel bag is great for traveling or for the gym. The duffel is made of canvas with brass zipper and accessories. The interior is made of soft polyester and comes with 1 zipper pocket with 2 open pockets. This also features an extra shoe compartment designed to help you separate your shoe from other items in the bag. (SPECIFICATIONS – 21” (53.3 cm) L x 11.5” (29.2 cm) W x 11.5” (29.2 cm) H, a 45 L capacity) Where to Buy? Amazon $25.99 -

14 0 Feb 15, 2018

I'm ready to start packing for our future vacation with this large duffle bag from Oflamn it even has a special place to put shoes away from the clothes. Sturdy and well made with an olive green outside and a super bright fun orange stripped inside. It has so many different pockets on the inside to keep things sorted and easy to get to when you have to grab something in a hurry. #review #reviewblogger #travel #bag #Oflamn

22 0 Feb 8, 2018

I got a new bag to use when I travel so my art supplies and makeup stay safe but my baby sister already tried to take it 😿😸😹. #bigsisterlife #babybully #istillloveher #Oflamn #travelinstyle #travel #travelbag #artbags #makeuptravels #arttravels

253 0 Feb 4, 2018


10 1 Feb 4, 2018

Check out this extendable travel barrel duffel bag with shoe compartment by #Oflamn. Makes an awesome gym or weekender bag. -

0 0 Feb 7, 2018

Oflamn has a wide assortment of bag​s. From backpacks to messenger bags, they fill your everyday needs. I am impressed of the quality of their travel duffel bag, as shown in the photo. ​I have been needing a travel bag. I am always using a suite case or simply a Walmart bag. #ProfesserBirdsReviews: #Reviews #Bag #Travel #Denim #DuffelBag #Messenger #Oflamn

15 0 Feb 4, 2018

Lovely travel duffel bag! Very very nice quality and even has a place for your shoes. This can be used as a travel bag, gym bag ECT. Very roomy and has extra zipper pockets inside as well as pockets without zippers. Very convenient. I would say It would be big enough for me to use while camping for the weekend. A guy could probably pack a week's worth of clothes. The material inside is very nice as well. It has big sturdy zippers and the material on the outside and bottom of the bag is very strong. I feel like this bag would last a long time compared to others I have used in the past. I also really like that there is 2 different ways to carry this bag. It comes with a longer strap to use for carrying on your shoulder, and another you can just hold in your hands. I feel this makes carrying alot easier. Very nice bag. Check it out here ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ #Oflamn #burseygirl84reviews #gotadiscount #tomoson #review #duffelbag #camping #gym

108 20 Feb 3, 2018

Oflamn 21" Travel Duffel Bag with Shoe Compartment Check it out hit the link below #Oflamn #dufflebag #travelbag

12 0 Feb 4, 2018

Canvas Travel Duffel Bag from Oflamn. I am so in love with this bag right now! It is perfect for traveling, super well made and I love the color! #Oflamn #tomoson #review #duffelbag #pinsandsamples

24 5 Feb 7, 2018

Want the perfect bag for quick weekend getaway? Check out the Oflamn Travel Duffel Bag! This bag is made of super sturdy canvas, has great colors and a place to fit everything. Use as a weekender or sports/gym bag. Fabulous quality!! #Oflamn #duffelbag #gymbag #canvasbag

2 0 Feb 3, 2018

I bought Oflamn 21" Travel Barrel Duffel Bag. Love it! Stylish and roomy the dimensions are 21"L x 11.5"W x 11.5"H. I love how its a duffel bag and has compartments like one for shoes to stay organized. Great for traveling and made to last with extra strong stitching. I got this actually for a gift for my son who leaves every weekend but this duffel bag is great for multiple purposes too like the gym, outdoors, sports and more. 3 different color options great duffel bag for guys and gals. Affordable price with quick shipping. #oflamn #duffel #bag #traveling #gym #outdoors #sports

12 0 Feb 6, 2018

I still haven't unpacked from a"recent" trip. But when your luggage is this stylish, it's hard to put it away. #Oflamn oflamn Get yours: . . #sponsored #luggage #duffelbag #travel #bag #suitcase #duffel

22 2 Feb 7, 2018

Okay, I have a confession to make! I love bags! Duffel bags, purses and the like! The more unique the better! So when Oflamn asked me to review their duffel bag, I JUMPED t the chance!! And when it arrived I was not expecting this kind of Quality! it has a light colored lining, perfect for finding your stuff, ( never was a fan of dark purse linings!) and it’s soft inside! So far a plus! Then I open the side pocket of the bag and find a longer strap, as well as a super loong pocket? Hmmm not sure what that is for….. wait! It’s a shoe pocket!!!! That is BRILLIANT! I never saw such a thing! Wow! You could even use it to keep your dirty clothes seperate from your clean! Or maybe it would be great as a make up or toiletries bag? Isn’t that great!!! I love how durable it is too! a solid canvas outside and very strong straps!! plus extra pockets inside as well? Yippee!! I can be organized and fashionable too! This bag is great!! And we got it at a very deep discount!!!I can not wait to go on a cool trip some where! Anybody up for a road trip? Lets go to New Orleans for the weekend! You should get one! The link is.. #Oflamn #productreviews #duffelbags #greatbags

14 2 Feb 7, 2018

My new favorite gym bag #oflamn

38 4 Feb 3, 2018

Video review of my new gym bag from Oflamn. I also use this bag for playdates, since it has a good capacity to include toys. It can be found on #Amazon: Видео отзыв на мою новую сумку для спортивного зала, и иногда по совместительству для выходов с моим сыном, так как она имеет очень хорошую вместимость для особо важных игрушек. Сумка на амазоне: #complimentory #bag #Oflamn #sport #travel #review #instareview #отзыв #сумка #инстаотзыв #спорт

23 1 Feb 12, 2018

This travel bag is very lightweight. It is big enough to contain all necessities for a few day getaway. It is also an ideal option for gym bag. Price is extremely reasonable, only $9.99 You can find this bag on Amazon, #travelbag #lightweight #gymbag #Oflamn #tryitout #tryitnow

23 1 Feb 4, 2018

loving this new duffel bag i got for my boothang... he’s travel out of state pretty soon and needed something sturdy and roomy for his clothes and shoes. it’s very stylish and can also be used as a gym bag. #oflamn has other bags that look pretty good... purchase this bag here: #gym #gymbag #travel #travelbag #newgear #fashion #fashionbag #fashionphotography #fashiongram #vscofashion #vsco #vscofilter #tomoson #tomosonreview #productreview

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