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Abalone sea 🌊 shell 🐚 #abalone #seashell #rainbowseashell Feminist boss for life 🤙🏽💕✨🦄🍭🌈 self care boxes are loaded with love and hand written notes! 1. Tea 2. Crystals 3. Self care items such a large bath bombs, facial masks, makeup and more xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx My love , always 💍🔐💟💙💜♊️♐️💛 😊💛💙💚💜✨🤙🏽💕🦄🌈😇xx BRAND new CRYSTALS 💎 for sale x all in sale in this photo and straight from Colorado... DM me or comment to claim✨🤙🏽clear quartz point, smoky quartz double terminated, rose quartz crushed bottle, Amethyst baby point🤗💟💜✨ ✨🤙🏽✨ 🤗 COLORADO LIFE 🌿 order your own handcrafted personal tea blend in a handmade Tea by me! Straight from Colorado! For any ailment or flavor you like😊✌🏼😜✨✨ just ask x we can even name it after you ... #MERMAID See 👀 Anything that catches your eye?✨🦄✨🦋 #citrine pieces on sale as well as #smokeyquartz #facialmasks #iphonecases and more! Like a #rosequartznecklace and one #moonstone #ring and one #saphire ring✨DM me for details xxx Ask for items individually or with a loaded box of love 💕💞😍🦄🌈💗💞✨⭐️🤗 #chillpill #amethyst ⚡️😊 BRAND NEW ✨🤗✨STORE HAUL X #candles #hippie #coloradohippie 🦄unicorn magic x #thegoldenhour PERSONALIZED GIFTS FOR YOU xx ✨ #samples #opal #moonstone #beautysamples xx 🌙 #colorado #coloradopainting #denver ABOUT US-> #cardreading Card readings , various prices , many decks 💗🌈💜🦄⭐️ 🔮 ✨ DM me if interested 🙏🏼🤗😌 #loveconsciousness ✨ BUY OUR local teas and crystals, and beauty and #bath 🛀 products as well as #originalartwork and jewelry xo 💜🦄🦋✨☺️Create your own reality ✨ 🔮 Drink tea and be happy 😊 DM for individual pricing 💵 or full selfcare box 📦 🦄🌈Hand painted boxes made to order and hand written Denver postcards explaining what is in your package and how to use it. 💜💜and fresh #incense available individually or by tea box 🦄 .The MISSION STATEMENT of our company is to ------relax in a bath or shower 🚿 💦💦🦋 with a cup of our hand made, organic herbal tea ☕️, alongside a crystal or two (or three, hehe I love to spoil my clients 😉)to meditate with, that was personally chosen for you! We also include other treats ✨✨🦄💅🏽like beauty products and bath products and personalized

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Art and app, blissful combination ☺️ #artmix #mixedmediaart #originalartwork #mozaik #funart #abstractdrawing

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💛Vulnerable Post💛 Soo...I was pointing at the sun, in disbelief that I made this painting. Then I decided to move so I could show more of the painting in the picture. And next thing I knew I had tears in my eyes😭. I could have ignored the emotions, or not posted them. But I thought it is important to show my sensitive side, my vulnerability as an artist and human being 💙 Now I'm not saying this is the best, biggest or most amazing art in the planet. Not at all. But for me, to me...this was the biggest achievement I've made as an artist. This brought tears to my eyes that my soul came out, onto this canvas, and was whole. That I created something so large, purely from my heart and soul. Tears of happiness, tears of release. I love this painting dearly 💛🧡❤💜💙💚

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FRANS VAN DEN BROECK, Belgian C20th, “Still Life With Fuschia”, oil on canvas, signed #galleryfinesse #originalartwork #oilpainting

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villafanestudios carves faces into potatoes and pumpkins. 🎃  #artinsider

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